Tuesday, 16 December 2008

14th and 15th

Not quite so far behind any more!
Had a very busy day today at work which is good as it means the time flew by, but I am back again tonight for Senior Presentation Evening so this is just a quick blog before I get ready to go!
My son is home from uni now, came home by train then drove up to Manchester yesterday to collect his girlfriend. Managed to do those hundreds of miles without mishap, then today was driving through a little village about 3 miles from us in the heart of the countryside and managed to get 2 punctures! Grrrrr ........ more expense, and just before xmas. Still, at least he is fine and the car was fixed quite promptly (Thank you Green Flag)
So, here are my next 2 pages

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Robyn said...

Hey! I keep meaning to come over here and see how your project is going! I think I am definitely going to do this next year! Are you enjoying it? It looks great! Do you find it is hard to keep up with?

Hope you are enjoying your time with your son! ...Or is he one of these ones that comes home and just hangs out with his friends? ;)