Monday, 29 June 2009


Paul is having a major tidy up in our study and in doing so, came across a couple of old pictures of Jon. When I saw this one, I knew I had to do a scrap page about it.
Jon was not always keen to go to nursery school. He hated the thought that he might be missing out on something at home and didn't like to think that I would be going out, doing something without him. So before he left in the morning, he would say which toys he would like me to have ready for his return at lunchtime. Unluckily for me, these favourites would always be the multi storey car park and the farm set, and sometimes the road layout too. All of which had dozens of bits to join together. Fine if I really was only going to be at home for the morning, but if I planned to go shopping or meet up with friends, I had to rush home and build them all ready for his return. I became world champion speed car park builder!
I've had a busy day today, reading my book and having lunch in the garden, scrapbooking a page, booking a couple of days away in Norfolk and a special surprise day out for my daughter's birthday in a couple of months. Just enough time left to watch a bit of wimbledon - oh the joys of not working on Mondays ....!!!

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Denise said...

I'm very jealous of you reading your book and watching the tennis,and how quickly those years go eh? x