Saturday, 31 October 2009

Sloe, sloe, quick, quick, sloe

Well I found enough sloes on my foraging hunt yesterday to make my sloe gin.
I 'googled' the recipe and the first one I found had the instructions:

"Take one litre bottle of gin.
Drink half of it."

That made me smile so I went with that one! In the interests of my health and well being I have to state that I already had a half empty/full bottle of gin so did not have to bother with the first part of the recipe - hic!
So here is the picture of the fermenting drink. Should be ready for Christmas. All I have to do is gently agitate the bottle once a day. I think I can manage that!

It's Halloween tonight and I have my bowls of sweets ready and waiting. We don't have too many little kids living by us anymore but I like to be prepared for the ones who do dress up and come trick or treating. My main problem is not taking a sweet out every time I walk past the bowl in the hallway!


scrappyjacky said...

That sounds like my kind of recipe!! Haven't made sloe gin in a few years,but remember how delicious it was.....maybe have to start making again.

humel said...

Happy agitating ;-)

Claire said...

Deb - in answer to your question ... my first meal will probably be half a bottle of gin !!
Advice please on how to organise my time in order to get my assignments done .... I'm so much worse than either of the boys !