Wednesday 23 November 2011

Two things

Firstly, I am going to draw the name for the Pass the Book on Saturday so if you are interested let me know.  Only three names in the mix so even to someone with my poor maths skills, it would appear pretty good odds to being lucky!  If you want to add your name, please make sure you do by Friday night.  And please don't be put off by the painty sound of the book, I found it really interesting to see how I could transfer what I was learning about really looking at a photo and the colours within it for choosing colours and patterns and embellishments for paper page layouts too.
Secondly, do any of you live within easy reach of Colchester in Essex?  If so, do you fancy joining us on the first Saturday in December for a lovely crop day organised by Eclectic Keepsakes?  Full details are on my dear friend Denise's blog.  She's doing a pretty card and envelope class I believe.  It's all a bit top secret so I can't tell you any more as I don't know myself but I am sure it will be lovely as she is one very talented lady.  One of the other classes is being taken by Ann Freeman who comes up with some rather clever layouts and projects.  A CD Calendar is how it is described on her blog, but knowing Ann, this is probably just an excuse to make something using twelve photos of her heart-throb Matt Cardle!
Please try and join us, contact details are available at otherwise known as the Queen of the Cupcake, Mrs Karen Moss!
I - for one - am counting the days .....


Alison said...

How I wish I lived closer Deb....I could do with a day with 'like-minded' folk..not to mention sampling Karen's cupcakes!
Alison xx

Jennifer Grace said...

Lol, I grew up in Clacton-on-sea but am now living down in Dorset so no can do for me, sounds like fun though! x

Amy said...

I'll just pop on over .. a crop sounds lovely! What flavour cupcakes are on the go this time? ;-)