Wednesday 6 February 2013

Hair today and gone tomorrow

Well, not hair exactly but beard.  And no I'm not talking about myself before anyone leaps to conclusions!
When my son went travelling around Europe one summer, he grew a beard - just to save him the hassle of shaving each day - but when he got back we all really liked the way he looked and he's kept it.  Right up until last weekend when I saw a facebook status that referred to the loss of his beard!  We couldn't believe it, and needed photographic proof, which he sent.
So when I saw that the Telling Tales theme at the end of last week was for a sequence of photos, I had a thought that I could use photos of the before beard in 2010, two picture of him during the beard years and the after the shaving off of the beard.  And here's how it looks
I've entitled it 'No more beardy weirdy' which is the affectionate jokey name we had for it, I'm not just being cruel!
'So, what made you decide to shave it off?' I asked.
'Everyone at work thought I was 26, and I don't want to look THAT old' he replied.
No comment.


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

A great layout and a cute story, Deb. Haha - we should all look as old as 26 again, eh? ~sigh~

Cheri said...

Well, he DOES look younger without it! So if he was hoping to get carded again (do they do that in the UK?) then, mission accomplished!

Alison said...

Heaven forbid he looks as old as THAT! LOL...great layout Deb
Alison xx

Abi said...

ha ha ha! This made me smile. I love the moustache tag!

Lythan said...

I love his comment and your layout with all the fab moustache embellishments!

Scrappi Sandi said...

LOL!! That makes me feel REALLY old!! Love this sequence of pics & the 'tash tag is is the title!! :D

Sandie said...

Nice layout and nice story well told!

humel said...

Oh gosh, ancient! ;) Lovely layout, Deb :)