Monday 11 March 2013

Hello Monday

Monday?  What are you doing here again?  You really have to slow down a bit, you're coming round far too fast and furious with every week that passes.

Hello to a birthday this week.  It seems like only 11 months and 4 weeks since I had the last one. Farewell fifty four and hello fifty five.

Hello Marks & Spencer Phizzy Pig Tails - I am addicted to you and all your fabulous and fantastic fizziness. 

Hello new manicure - I am loving the new Shellac colour I've had put on and will be flashing and flaunting my fingertips to all and sundry to show you off.

Hello to trying to keep to low salt foods.  The doc is keeping an eye on my blood pressure and recommending that I increase potassium high foods (hello to more bananas and avacados) and decrease salty ones. (goodby salted caramel sauce and peanuts)

Hello to the nutritional info on the back of the Phizzy Pig Tail bag - I love the fact that you have less than 0.1g of salt - you are my most favourite nutritional list ever.  Phew!

And on Thursday - hello ipad!  SO excited. 


Sian said...

You're sounding cheerful for a Monday :) Enjoy that birthday present anticipation..

Ruth said...

Colin the Caterpillar sweets do it for me!
Have a happy birthday!

Rhona said...

Colin the caterpillar cake and normal Percy Pigs for us :) Don't birthdays come round fast - sounds like a good one to look forward to though! Hope you have a wonderful day when it arrives :) xx

Lou said...

happy birthday to you...enjoy your pressie!

Anonymous said...

An early happy birthday x

alexa said...

Wishing you a very happy birthday! And you are going to LOVE that ipad :).

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Deb!

Have you worked out how to remove shellac yourself? That's what puts me off, having to go back to have it taken off .... incentive for another pedi I suppose!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday!! As for shellac's very easy...use acetone (false nail remover) to soak off...a hoof stick will help with scraping off without damage to nail. Be sure to moisturise nails after...almond oil is good!! Enjoy your new toy! :D

Alison said...

Happy Birthday Deb!...hope you're enjoying playing with that IPad...I love mine!
Alison xx