Monday 1 September 2014

Me on Monday ~ 13

After five weeks of freedom, the summer holidays came to an abrupt end this weekend and so this is where you would have found me on this Monday.
This is how I found my desk this morning.  No I did not leave it like that on the 22 July.  Where did it all come from?  Who does that bag with the Chinese writing all over it belong to?  What the heck has happened to the blinds at my window?  What is in all those boxes?  It's not the best sight to greet you after a nice long relaxing break is it?
So after a morning of staff meetings where we discovered we are ranked as the 4th highest achieving state school in the country and many 'didn't our girls do well?' comments along with 'we're well overdue for an Ofsted inspection' warnings, two cups of coffee, a secretaries' meeting and a support staff briefing later and it felt like we'd never been away. 
Our son has returned!  So our weekend was full of van unpacking, storage box opening,  filling up wardrobe drawers, enjoying having 4 people around the breakfast bar on Sunday morning, not liking the Sunday Spurs score, dog walking, and mentally preparing one of us for back to school kind of weekend. 
Me on Monday - with a special wave to Sian.


Sian said...

Waving back :)

Blimey that desk is going to take a bit of sorting out...

hey, maybe they should do a series about your school like Educating Yorkshire? You'd be brill

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I'm afraid to see what my desk looks like when I return on Wednesday after 9 weeks off. Temps have been using it.

I hope you get it all sorted out!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Oh my gosh. Going back to work after a five-week break is bad enough, but to be greeted with a desk like that... I hope you straightened it out right away and felt better once you were organized.

Welcome back to work, my friend!

alexa said...

Yes, how dare they! Sounds like there is clutter to be cleared at work too .. Hoping the shock is wearing off and it's proving lovely being four again.

Anonymous said...

Not a nice way to start the week - other peoples stuff all over your desk. Glad you have your boy home and hope you have settled back into the routine of work by the time you read this x