Monday 14 December 2015

Me on the last 2015 Monday at work

It was a 'can't match the excitement of last week' kind of weekend but we still found something to celebrate.  My husband's birthday.  His choice for birthday cake was coffee and walnut.  Good job I took a picture early in the day as by lunchtime a quarter of it had gone!  Off to Carluccio's for dinner in the evening.  A festive menu, a glass of prosecco and Christmas crackers. He was a happy boy! 
Our son came home on Sunday and offered to cook lunch.  He didn't need to ask twice - he's a good cook and I am happy to hand over the cooker!  Of course, the neat and tidy new kitchen looks like a whirlwind has blown through it after he's finished but it's a small price to pay for someone else cooking Sunday lunch.  Not a traditional one of course, that's not his style.  A lamb tagine which was absolutely delicious.
So Monday arrives again and it's time to wave to Sian and her merry bunch of Mondayers. 
It's coming up for the anniversary of losing my mum, and so after work I went to the churchyard to lay a wreath. (not sure what's happened to the perspective in this photo - my hand looks much too large - the wreath isn't really that small!)
 It's sad to think she's been gone 18 years, and has missed so much of the kids growing up but I had a little chat to tell her all the exciting news and I like to think that she heard in some way.
Walking back to the car I noticed this :
Daffodils.  In December?  I know it's been mild but surely it's not right to see them before Christmas!  
So, how's everyone getting on with their Christmas preparations?  Everyone ready and organised?  I do hope not as I am completely behind schedule this year and I'd hate to think I was the only one starting to feel a little pre-Christmas panic coming on!


Cheri said...

Happy Monday! I wouldn't be surprised to have daffodils here - we've been having unseasonably warm temperatures in the upper 60's F for several days. Totally enjoying it while I can, knowing full well that we'll be paying for it within a week or two!

Louise H said...

Oh thank goodness you've got those slightly panicky feelings too. Nowhere near ready here, you'll be pleased to hear. I heard on the radio that people had seen daffodils flowering. It's been so wet here I haven't managed to get out properly (other than work or shopping) for weeks. My OH's favourite cake is also coffee and walnut - any cake is fine by me!

Julie Kirk said...

Thinking of you as you think of your Mum Deb. x

I too am behind schedule and I've no idea how or why. I started shopping waaaaay back in the spring [picking up bits and pieces here and there ... although obviously not enough!]

My tree isn't even up and I'm beginning to *almost* feel a bit 'bugger it all' ... Must. Make. An. Effort.

I too indulged in coffee and walnut cake this weekend [I say that like cake's a rarity don't I? Which it's not!!!] - our crop had a buffet lunch and it was tough going back to crafting [work stuff] after all that quiche and cake!

Have a great week ahead. x

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

So sweet that you put a wreathe out for you mom, Deb. 18 years? mom's been gone 3 and I'm starting to realize that I will never get over missing her! I'm fairly behind in my Christmas business too, but I'm pretending like everything is under control! Haha.

Patio Postcards said...

Lovely wreath for your Mum. I have lived most of my life with my Mom gone & some days it feels just like last week & other times I really have to call to mind her voice. I miss her saying my name.

Ah Christmas anxiety, I'm feeling it too but I tell myself, Christmas comes whether I'm ready or not (that's just to make me feel better). Your coffee walnut birthday cake looks soooo yummy. Now you can decorate!!! Hope you have a good week.

Sian said...

Coffee and walnut cake would be on the list in this house too. Happy Birthday to him.

Thinking of you as you are thinking of your Mum. I like the bigger hand..sort of symbolises that you brought her ALL your news

alexa said...

Many congratulations to the birthdayer! and the cake looks light and delicious. I can see from the comments that there are a number of us thinking of you and remembering our Mums at the same time - I hope I may be well and mobile enough with the help of others to go and take some flowers to my Mum's grave in the next week; I like the misty softness of your delicate wreath. Christmas? I fear it will just pass me by this year!