Monday 9 May 2016

Memorandum Monday

Learning something new was like waiting for a bus around here this weekend.  You wait for ages, then three things turn up at once! 

Back in November, when the patter of tiny feet was but a distant dream for my daughter, I came across something called a 'Zip Zap Baby Quilt'.  The fastest quilt ever.  One to One and a half hours to make the topping.  You can see the appeal!  Little did I know then that it would end up being a baby quilt, I was envisioning a new conservatory quilt!  I've had it bookmarked for six months as quite apart from being a lovely baby quilt, I thought it would work well for any style of fabric. Last week I went to the fabric shop, bought some lovely children's fabrics and the time had come to get quilting on a new patchwork quilt.  I'm not saying I got all that done in 90 mins due to the pressures of cooking Sunday lunch and dog walking but it certainly is a quick and exceptionally easy way of making a pretty quilt top.  I'm guessing that the choice of colourways may give away whether she's expecting a boy or a girl ;-)

See that new sock I'm wearing in the second photo?  A new method of making a sock, learnt this weekend too.  I fancied having a patterned sock with plain toe, heel and ribbing.  Which also meant learning a new way of putting a heel in a sock.  The After Thought heel.  Also known in these parts as the 'Oh my goodness, why didn't I just stick to the other way heel'.  But several YouTube videos later, it all fell into place and I now have half a new pair of socks. 
And my last new thing?  That would be going to a 'Pop up restaurant'.  Saira Hamilton, who was a Masterchef finalist in 2013 took over the kitchen in our local golf club and we had a pretty amazing Bengali inspired meal.  I didn't think to take a photo of the starters or mains until it was too late but I managed to stop myself diving into the divine Eastern Mess before I took a quick snap.  Saira's a local girl and ex student of the school in which I work so it was great to support her in this. 
Hopefully we've all enjoyed a weekend of wall to wall sunshine, sitting in the garden and just relaxing.  I think that Sian must know something that we don't though, her sharing of new things for Memorandum Monday include knitting a long sleeved jumper!  Have a good week.


helena said...

a lovely trio of newness - have a great week

Sian said...

Oh wow! What a lovely weekend of making things. Your quilt is so beautifu. And the afterthought heel? Now that's clever I've never done one of those..told you you'd soon be overtaking me in your sock-ability.

Wishing you a good week

Patio Postcards said...

You certainly had a craft time this weekend; the quilt is looking so nice & socks to warm the tootsies always a bonus but why cover up such pretty toes :)

Nice to see locals make it successfully in their chosen fields. The dessert looks very yummy.

Sandra said...

Now a quilt in that quick a time! I'm hooked.

I'm also really loving the idea of a pop up restaurant ... How lovely. Wishing you a lovely week. I'm off to search Pinterest for that quilt x

Ruth said...

Deb, did I manage to miss super exciting news about your daughter? Either way, it's a lovely quilt. And that sock? Exactly like one of Sian's, so I'd say you were on the right track!

alexa said...

What a pretty quilt! How lovely to have made something so pretty for a new little one ... Any type of heel on a sock would defeat me, so hats off to you :).