Monday, 25 July 2016

Memorandum Monday

We love Bingle!
When Rachel's baby is born he will have the surname 'Ingle' and because they haven't revealed the name they have chosen to many people, he's affectionately referred to as Bingle - Baby Ingle.  The surname has determined what initial the name can't start with as they don't want a T.Ingle, M.Ingle, D.Ingle, or S.Ingle.  His Daddy is a J.Ingle but that sounds ok and makes choosing Christmas cards very easy - never hard to find something that says Jingle Bells or Jingle all the way.
So anyone who knows me in real life or on Facebook will have not difficulty in guessing what I did for the first time this weekend - I hosted a Baby Shower!  I'd never even been to a baby shower (didn't have such things in the olden days when I had my babies) so wasn't really sure what was involved other than drinking prosecco, eating cake and playing games.  Turns out, that was pretty much correct!

I made a huge effort to photograph everything before people arrived but then totally forgot about taking photos of when everyone was actually here.  I was kind of busy and time just flew.  (What with all that eating of cake and drinking prosecco you understand)  So please use your imagination to see our garden with about 18 guests eating, drinking, handing over gifts and enjoying making Rachel feel so very special.  The garden was full of laughs and chatter and it was such a lovely afternoon.  We had an idea to ask everyone to bring a copy of whatever had been their favourite book when they were growing up so they have such a fantastic ready made bookstore with all the titles I remember reading aloud to Rachel and Jon all those years ago.  It was a fabulously, memorable, happy time, and I now totally 'get' what Baby Showers are all about!
Linking in with 'Memorandum Monday' - a meme introduced by Sian over at High in the Sky - let's all pop over there sometime today and see if Sian is back from her travels in time to write a blog post all about what she's been up to.


Julie Kirk said...

Sounds lovely Deb - and you certainly had the weather for it (at least Bingle won't complain for the rest of its life about being born in winter when you can never have an outdoor party. Like some people do ... ahem ... January baby here.)

Here's something else that might be new to you too: in Australia the term 'bingle' means a minor car bump. [Or so I picked up from watching The Miss Fisher Mysteries!]

Have a lovely week ahead Deb/Nanny Bingle. x

Susanne said...

It looks like you put together a splendid shower. And I love the idea of a book library for little Bingle! I bet you all can't wait.

Patio Postcards said...

Ha Ha at Bingle. You certainly put on a great baby shower. I have been to many baby & bridal showers. I like the idea of just eating cake & having a party drink, the games I can certainly live without - I will say no more.

Oh yes, I have a friend Mike King, he named his daughter Leigh King - is that not cruel? His son has the initial P so he is P.King ... cruel parents.

Sian said...

Oh how lovely! It's absolutely obvious from the photos that you did indeed make her feel very special and that makes you a very special Mum, too. What a Granny you are going to be :) Did Bingle get a copy of Guess How Much? I haven't forgotten my promise

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I was so happy on Saturday, thinking of your baby shower gathering and hoping you were having a great time. Your photos are so fun. Glad it was a success, Deb! xo

Karen said...

Looks like you are a pro at this baby show business and it looks like it was such a great success!

Sandra said...

What a fabulous time it looks like everyone had, and love the book idea