Monday 31 October 2016

Memorandum Monday

Don't come too close fellow bloggers, there's germs aplenty over in Deb's World today.  But nothing to stop me joining in with Sian's Memorandum Monday.  Let's just say that my husband is enjoying the side effects of me having laryngitis this weekend i.e. peace and quiet.

Last week I was at the beginning of revamping my son's bedroom.  Which, as requested, I am most definitely not turning into a craft room {ahem}  When I left you  I think I had just realised that the tin of paint left over from the dining room was not going to be enough to cover over that hideous dark royal blue endurance paint and had gone to Homebase to have some Dulux paint colour matched. 

I have to say that the matching was pretty good, the Dulux wall is on the opposite side to the one which was covered with two coats of Farrow and Ball so you don't see them next to each other.  But, whilst we are really pleased with the finished room, my husband still maintains that the F and B paint is superior to a colour matched Dulux one and 'well worth the extra money'.  It's definitely a thicker consistency and the coverage is better so less hard work getting a good end result.  So that's my product comparison done and dusted! 

I keep going in there to look at it as it looks so much better than before.  In an effort to totally overhaul the room we decided to dismantle the old dark wood chest of drawers that were in there and replace them with some of the Kallax cube storage from Ikea.  Hadn't been to Ikea since J went to uni so that was 8 years ago.  We started off with the 'oh look at that, we could do with one of those' impulse buys, working our way round, and round, and round.  We had also gone to buy a picture ledge to go in the newly decorated dining room - I am happy to say that this is now a finished project! 

Why is it though that whenever I do go to Ikea, what I am looking for is always at the end of the building and I've clocked up 10,000 steps trying to locate it?
Anyhow, mission accomplished, we returned home and spent the afternoon building units and finding homes for the things which are going to be stored in it. 

Totally not going to be craft related things though if anyone asks.  Never.  Absolutely not.

However, buying something new in Ikea wasn't my main subject matter for this Monday.  Now, it's Halloween tonight so it's only right I come up with something a bit scary.  I have something to share which may be horrifying to some of you scrapbookers out there.  Sit down if you are easily upset. 

This weekend I have thrown away the vast majority of my scrapbooking papers. 

OK, I'll give you a moment to gather your thoughts.  Truth is, I haven't scrapbooked for many a month.  In fact those months have spread to at least a couple of years.  Whilst I still enjoy looking at other's work and love looking at the albums I have made I just don't feel the urge to scrapbook any more.  Maybe it's to do with the empty-nest syndrome, I don't have so many people to take pictures of to make into pages and there's only so many cute dog pages you can make.  Yes I know we have an adorable grandson to fill a dozen books already but in reality I'm just as happy making online photo books to display photos.  We've done them for the last four holidays we had and keep them on the coffee table and I look at those far more than I do my scrapbooks.

So here's my first for the week -

This is the first time that my scrapbooking tote bag has been neat and tidy since I first bought it. 

I have put a selection of papers and thickers together to give to a lady at work who has a young daughter who enjoys making things so I know it will be going to a good home.  But boy had I held onto some stuff that was never going to be used!  Little scraps of scraps, too tiny to do anything constructive with.

off to a new home
I've held onto whole sheets of letters and numbers, and buttons and pearls and glitter glue etc as I do still enjoy making personalised gift tags and the odd card but on the whole, all my scrapbooking 'stuff' like punches and stamps and the like now fits into one square 20" x 20" holdall.  Which definitely won't be stored in that spare bedroom we've just decorated.  Absolutely not. 

Just like those drawer inserts in that new white furniture won't be filled with balls of wool and fat quarters of patchwork fabric.  As if. Oh wait a moment.  Too late.   



helena said...

well done on the radical clear out - I gave away most of my papers earlier in the year and although I had not used them for 2 years it still felt a wrench parting with them but really I prefer being fully digital now and making photo books. Love the paint colour for the 'definitely no craft supplies in here' room. Hope you are feeling better this week

Patio Postcards said...

Not only did I gasp out loud, I nearly fell off my chair - throw out scrapping paper! OK change that to re-homed scrapping supplies, back on the chair now. Yes sometimes radical thinking into action is required. The newly decorated, not a craft room, but guest room is lovely ... Germs abounding everywhere, I am staying home, away from it all, now to reheat that hot toddy.

Ruth said...

Hope you're feeling better? Give up scrapbooking? I can't even begin to understand how someone might do that ...
The newly painted room looks lovely ... it would look better with a sewing machine in situ and quilting fabric ... just sayin'.

Sian said...

I hope you'll soon be feeling a lot better! Tho of course it's obvious to anyone who visits here that you can make yourself understood very well without an actual voice :) Your room is lovely...may your Kallax always be filled with whatever delights your crafting brain!

alexa said...

What a very elegant change you've created - and not a touch of pink in sight. Looks like a great background for doing a bit of sewing ... I can understand the getting rid of paper, though I couldn't quite get rid of all my plain card! I'd love a glimpse of your photobooks ...

alexandra s.m. said...

Oh what a splendid shade indeed!
One of my favorites and you make me wish I had gone a bit darker with DD's bedroom walls.
I wish I were as strong as you and threw away some of my stash!
Feel better soon!

Cheri said...

Kudos to you for re-homeing all of that lonely scrapbook paper - it can now be loved on by someone else! And the redecorating is gorgeous!