Monday 6 March 2017

Memos, mail and me

Monday - again! 

Joining in again with Sian's idea of sharing our Mondays.  Last week's postal deliveries are definitely an indication of how little 'snail mail' I get sent.  Nearly every piece of post was like this:
An invitation to treat myself.  Those marketing rascals nearly got me last week.  20% off everything . Hmm I thought, that's a good offer ... and then I thought, well there was no way I was thinking of buying something until their voucher came through the post, and 20% off is still more than the nothing I would have been spending if I had not received the offer.  Be warned, marketing managers, I know what your game is.  Until the weather changes and I realise I don't have a thing that I like in my wardrobe for the spring season!

(oops, wrote this post on Friday in advance, then 'accidentally' bought something in the Phase Eight discount day on Saturday.  My willpower is obviously not as good as it should be!)

A lot of post went out of our household last week.  Wedding invitations are finally in the post.  Well, the ones for the day guests anyway, the evening only invitations are still to be done.  It reminds me a bit of trying to entice Rachel into writing her Thank You notes after Christmas when she was a child, she sees no urgency in the job!

This weekend I did try something new.
Now I know that no one will believe me if I say that this is my first taste of gin and tonic - no, the new thing here is where I drank it.  A new restaurant in town which - as the name will give a clue - cooks Turkish food.  I've never been to Turkey, and I've never eaten Turkish food before so it was definitely something a bit different - and I loved it!  Wow.  So tasty.  I will definitely be returning! 
The sun is shining here today, it's warm and very spring like.  I hope Monday is looking good where you are too!


helena said...

I agree Turkish food is yummy. have a good week without too many temptations to spend

Sian said...

Now that sounds like a good night out.

Wow..invitations in the post...there'll be plenty to talk about in your house as the replies come back. It'll be the seating plan next..

Ruth said...

Yay to invitation in the post!

Patio Postcards said...

What an action packed week/weekend. Sometimes that is the only way we get to travel is by eating at country themed restaurants. I don't think I have spotted any Turkish restaurants locally. Umm closest I've come is Turkish Delight which I will say yum to ... Is the food spicy? Happy week ahead - stay strong resist those sale ads :)