Monday 17 July 2017


Spoiler alert - this post could quite possibly be all about the wedding.  Actually, who am I kidding?  It will be all about the wedding.  Did it go well?  I'll let this photo of Rachel give you a hint

I have never seen her so happy!  100% can't stop smiling happy.  The day was just perfect, I can't think of a thing that we would have changed.  It was a little bit cloudy, but warm enough to have the ceremony outside.  

Which is a bit of a novelty here, I've never been to an outside ceremony before and none of their friends had been married outside so it made the day even more special than it already was.

The cake which had stressed me out so much looked fine

And the happy couple/trio had the most amazing day of their lives

As you can imagine, Leo managed at times to steal the show - when he came down the aisle in the arms of the chief bridesmaid with a sign saying 'Daddy, just wait until you see Mummy'.  Not to mention when he went up to the ceremony table to have his photo taken with them after they had signed the register. And the time that he showed impeccable timing in cuteness.  He had been a little overwhelmed by the noise and amount of people in the room when we first sat down for the meal and someone had taken him just outside the room until it quietened down.  When his name was mentioned in the Father of the Bride speech, she stepped back into the room with him, he grinned at everyone and gave a little wave.  One of those totally unscripted brilliant moments.  What a superstar he is.  

We are still on a wedding high, and my Facebook pages are full of tags from people who have uploaded photos. So I'm spending much of my day just refreshing my feed!   Normal Monday morning service will resume as soon as possible!


Maggie said...

Looks like a really happy day and the bride looks gorgeous. The wedding cake looks more than just fine it looks fantastic!

Ruth said...

Yay, I was hoping you'd post a few photos ... R looks stunning!

Patio Postcards said...

Your cake is perfect. Everyone looks so darn happy. Glad it turned out so well for all. More photos please ...

alexa said...

Such a heart-warming post! Delighted to read - and see - how wonderfully well it has all gone for you and the family... You are certainly going to have some material to scrap!

Barbara Eads said...

What a gorgeous family! Congratulations to all of you! And now you can breathe a sigh of relief that it's over!