Sunday 11 February 2018

February - a sentence a day

Lesley has shared a post on her blog here, detailing her month in the form of one sentence a day.  I have every good intention of joining in, but may have to break it down into smaller groups rather than 28 sentences at the end!  It makes me realise how much I waffle on, it's hard to get the day down in just one sentence.  Here's my February in sentences so far:


Day 1:Local social media is saturated by tales of traffic jams and the town being gridlocked - a quick look on the council's roadwork website may explain why.

Day 2: You know you're not looking your best when your daughter turns up unexpectedly with her hairdressing kit and offers to give you a cut and colour.

Day 3: Woke up with a sore throat and the chills which gives me the perfect excuse to have a day sewing and binge watching my box set of season 13 Greys Anatomy.
Day4:  Daughter and her family came for the afternoon so my husband (Tottenham supporter) and son in law (Liverpool supporter) could watch the Tottenham v Liverpool game together; a 2:2 result meant there were no awkward silences when the final whistle blew.

Day 5:  I discovered {what I probably knew already} that it is impossible to go to Hobbycraft and only come home with the one item I went in for.  😝

Day 6: One of my workmates has written a play which was being performed at our local theatre so we had a 'works outing' in the evening to support her. 👏

Day 7: Dinner out with some ex-workmates - amazing I got there really as the pub was in a tiny remote village with no street lights and I have no sense of direction (or satnav)!

Day 8:  I try to kid myself I'm reasonably fit but three dances in at my Fitsteps class, I realise I'm not.  

Day 9:  Four friends sharing a bottle or two of wine - next thing you know we've booked a weekend away to Bologna!

Day 10: I always have intentions to try something new when we go to our favourite local Turkish restaurant but as soon as the waitress comes to take our order I hear myself ordering what I always order - sigara borek to start and chicken shish for main - Yum!


Barbara Eads said...

A sentence to sum up the day is a great idea. I'm pretty sure I'd start with good intentions and then forget some days. Maybe a sentence a week would be more my style. But then, I'm sure it would be a rambling sentence that will turn into a paragraph in the long run!

Ruth said...

That's a fun idea and you've got off to a great start!

Patio Postcards said...

I like this idea & you have done well to capture the essence of each day in one sentence. I think most of my sentences would be short; "still sick". Looking forward to the rest of the month's one sentences.

Leslie Roberts Clingan said...

So glad you wrote this post. I have really struggled to write my sentences this month. Life keeps getting in the way. Love your fresh cut and color. Amazing what they will do for our self esteem and outlook. I am the same way about ordering my favorite dishes at our regular restaurants. There is a Mexican dish called mole (the e is pronounced ay so it's moh-lay). I love it. And order it at every Mexican restaurant we visit. I leave the house pledging to try something new but the thought of mole wins out!!

Thank you for the mention. You are sweet to do that.

Cheri said...

Seems like a fun way to document your life! Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Hope you feel better soon!