Monday 2 April 2018

A sentence a day for March

It was a big month over here this month.  There was a BIG birthday.  In fact half way through the month I tipped over from one decade to the next!  But let's not dwell on  that, let's get cracking with the fab idea over on Leslie's blog to make a note of a sentence a day. (I think I'm early for the link up!)


Day 1: No matter how cold it is, how icy the paths are or how low the temperatures are, Coco the wonder-dog likes to check that everything is ok in the park behind where we live.

Day 2: Had a meeting with my line manager to discuss the date that I will be leaving - it's all getting real now!

Day 3: We have the family coming over tomorrow to celebrate our son's 28th birthday so I was busy baking cakes - the traditional 'Cadbury finger biscuits round the outside with your favourite sweets on top' that everyone has to have, and a special egg and dairy free one so our grandson can join in the celebrations (not sure he will eat a whole cake to himself though!)

Day 4:  We went on a long dog walk before all the family arrived for Jon's birthday celebrations - either the ducks have learnt to walk on water, or the lake is still very frozen.

Day 5: Twenty eight years ago, we dropped my daughter at my mum's and my husband drove me to the hospital where I was booked in for a planned C Section for the birth of our second child; Jonathan arrived that afternoon and there hasn't been a dull moment since!  (How can my youngest possibly be 28?!!!)

Day 6: At work today I was working on the school's Award Evening which will take place after I leave - it seems so weird (and a little sad) to start a big project knowing that I won't be in the office to see it through to fruition.

Day 7: It's my day for having Leo all day so we headed off to a playgroup to while away an hour or so this morning - with the nice added benefit of wearing him out to help with a well needed after lunch nap - however when we got back home I discovered that he had craftily sneaked a toy out with him and hidden it in his pocket, are we helping to raise a kleptomaniac?

Day 8: A full on day at work followed by an hour of Fitsteps meant it was early to bed and a sound night's sleep.

Day 9: Finding it hard to travel light for my Mother's Day/Birthday treat of a spa break on Sunday with my daughter, it's only an overnight stay and we'll be spending most of our time wrapped in a fluffy bathrobe so why is my list of things to pack getting so long?

Day 10: We are looking after a neighbour's cat while they are on holiday this week which makes me nervous as the cat is about 17 I think and not looking as well as she did last time we had care of her; looking after other people's pets is quite stressful.

Day 11:  Trip to Lifehouse Spa with Rachel where I had my first hot stone massage - I don't think I've ever felt so relaxed.

Day 12:  After a blissful night's sleep, I was treated to a luxury manicure before I was reluctantly taken home.

Day 13: My last day of being in my 50s - I am surely too young to be this old!

Day 14: The balloon says it all ...

Day 15: A poorly Leo came to visit in the afternoon, he's caught a virus and he'd been miserable all day - his mum thought a trip to Nanny's might cheer him up, I think it worked!

Day 16: My friend Sally, who has recently joined the Grandmother club (Glam-mothers?) visited with her daughter and her baby in the afternoon and we introduced her to Leo who is clearly destined to be perfect husband material.

Day 17: My son and daughter in law came for the weekend and combined their trip with some house viewings in Saffron Walden which is about half an hour away - am trying hard to contain my excitement at the prospect of them moving out of London and back to a more local place.

Day 18: We took 17 members of family out for lunch to celebrate us both having our 60th birthdays - Rachel had made a fabulous cake {good job I took a photo of it before everyone came back to ours after the meal as it didn't last long once we finished singing 'happy birthday'}

Day 19: In an effort to revamp my wardrobe I've bought some chunky soled trainers - I was wondering if they suited me when my daughter arrived and her first reaction was 'Mum, I love those shoes' so it looks like they're keepers.

Day 20: I handed in my notice at work!  👏

Day 21: My day for looking after Leo - he certainly knows how to keep me on my toes.

Day 22: Fitsteps class in the evening but the air-conditioning wasn't working in the hall we use, I think it's true to say we all left a lot hotter and sweatier than when we arrived.

Day 23: Invited to a neighbours for tea and a chat in the afternoon, they went to Bologna last year so she's given us plenty of ideas for things to do when we are there in a couple of weeks time.

Day 24: Jumped on scales and quickly jumped off again - time to get back to Slimming World frame of mind - all those celebration meals out, chocolates and cake have taken their toll!

Day 25: We put our clocks forward an hour as the start of British summertime but I think someone needs to tell the weather that it needs to leave Winter behind - although it wasn't snowing/hailing/raining like it was last Sunday, it certainly wasn't very summery out there on our Sunday morning dog walk.

Day 26: A change of routine this week as my grandson's childminder is on holiday, I decided he may be old enough to 'help' with some cooking - cheese scones - luckily we have a dog who is willing to clean up any ingredients that fall on the floor 🐶

Day 27: After only 4 days of eating in a Slimming World friendly way I am already having withdrawal symptoms for biscuits - I hadn't realised how often I dip into the biscuit tin while waiting for the kettle to boil for a cup of tea!

Day 28: Babysitting day again and it was absolutely pouring down with rain so all those lovely dog walks in the fresh air that we normally have didn't happen, instead we did some baking.

Day 29: School breaks up for the Easter holidays today so we closed early at 1.30pm; staff are just as happy as the students are - 2 weeks off work!

Day 30: Woken early today as our son and wife were staying over before they left for a weekend at her Grandparents house in France for the weekend; they had an early Eurotunnel booking and left here at 4am! (Why does a front door opening and closing sound so loud in the early hours?)

Day 31: I'm congratulating myself on keeping up with this post - the secret really is to not let yourself get behind.

March certainly was eventful, I wonder what April has in store?


Patio Postcards said...

What a full on month you had & what a perfect way to capture the joys in one sentence. Congratulations on handing in your notice - Glam-mother's next chapter begins soon & I cannot wait to continue reading the stories of the adventures. Your birthday cake is SO pretty.

Ruth said...

I do like these monthly posts of yours ... day 20, yay!!

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

I loved reading your month Deb!! And happiest of birthdays!!!
You cracked me up about the biscuits---we get into habits that we don't even realize. It's potato chips for me.....

Natalie at said...

Happy belated birthday, Deb! Beautiful birthday cake. Have a wonderful April!

Unknown said...

Hi Deb, I'm also Debbie and I blog at my very own Deb's World over at
I was so surprised to see your post (with my name) and so had to pop over to read about your month! How funny that we both ended up here at a Sentence a Day. Anyway lovely to meet you and your month sounds busy too! All the best :)

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

Yummy cake shots! Belated birthday greetings. I'm planning a spa break at the moment - will need one after the Coast to Coast walk in May.

Maggie said...

My goodness that is quite an achievement! I expect you find in interesting to look back over too. Fabulous pink cake. I know that feeling about the biscuits. Sometimes I have to pull my hand back!

Barbara Eads said...

What a great way to document your month! I enjoyed all of your antics!

Cheri said...

Love the sentence a day - what a fun way to document your month - I feel "caught up" with your life... a bit... Congrats on the 60th!!! Hope your day was FABULOUS!