Friday 21 December 2018

A tale of two tops

Up until a couple of years ago I had managed to avoid buying Christmas jumpers of any kind.  Then suddenly, they became a trend.  There were charity days of 'wear your Christmas jumper to work' and even Save the Children hosted an official Christmas Jumper Day.

Then I retired and I discovered that the Zumba class I now go to uses any excuse for a themed class and of course Christmas is a perfect reason!  But the jumper I bought for work wasn't quite appropriate for an hour of dancing

Can you imagine how hot you'd get in that?  I also didn't fancy buying a fancy dress elf costume to wear - although I am the right height for that kind of thing 😉. I wasn't sure what to wear for a festive hour of exercise.

Whilst shopping in Tesco last week I saw they had 25% all festive clothing and look what jumped into my trolley

Ho Ho Ho - pour the prosecco!  

Perfect!  Nice and roomy for a bit of salsa and belly dancing.  I may even wear it for a pre Christmas drink with friends at the weekend but with a nice pair of black trousers rather than Zumba leggings!

The grey jumper got an outing this morning as I took Leo to the Wiggle Wiggle Christmas party.   I've never seen him so excited - he had the time of his life.  And I burnt off as many calories trying to keep up with him as I did the day before at Zumba!

Have you succumbed to Christmas clothing this year?  There are some lovely pieces out there and I'm very tempted to buy something a little bit more classy to put away to wear next year.


Ruth said...

I have a few Boden Christmas tops and one Christmas jumper (grey with a sequined star on it) from Monsoon .. but this year, however, on Christmas Eve I will be the proud owner of Mama Elf pjs and pjs covered in sprouts! (Both from Next)
I love that t-shirt ... it's perfect!

Cheri said...

Those are both adorable! My office had an "ugly sweater" contest this year and I bought an absolutely hideous Christmas sweater for it. Didn't win. Thinking next year I'll just buy something I actually like and not participate in the contest part.

Patio Postcards said...

Score for you Deb on the red T-Shirt - very festive & jolly. The polar jumper (sweater) is so cute & would be perfect for Leo's outing with you. I do have lots of Christmas wear, mostly in earring along with a cats in Santa hats jumper (sweater) & a white blouse with Christmas ornaments down the button line. After seeing Ruth's post from Albert Hall I'm now tempted to get a Christmas dress or skirt!

Barbara Eads said...

Years ago, I had many Christmas sweaters. I wore them every day. Then, they fell out of favor and became jokes for ugly sweater parties. I kept only one. It's green, pink and sparkly. I still like it with jeans. But my favorite Christmas apparel has to be the "Christmas lights" Toms that my daughter gave me last year for Christmas. I wear them every day. After all, they'll last forever if I can only wear them one month out of the year! said...

First of all, look at you Zumba-ing, belly dancing! So proud of you. And what a perfect find for the festive exercise class. You are just adorable. And that tee will be fun for years to come. It would even be cute with a denim skirt!

Love the jumper or sweater, too. Very cute. I like sweaters that can be worn beyond Christmas, like the gray with those cuddly bears. I really, really like snowmen. Even though we rarely have snow around here.

Happy new year, sweet, sweet friend. So glad to have met you and be walking this blogging journey with you.