Monday 18 February 2019

Me on Monday

Had a busy weekend.  Spent a long time with our favourite builder constructing an amazing structure

It's amazing how long he can keep his concentration going on toys like this nowadays.  However, this was then followed by an energetic and noisy game of hide and seek, where the seeker had to pretend to be a lion that had escaped from the zoo.  🦁

So where do you find me this Monday?  

Starting the week with a touch of apprehension if I'm being totally honest.  A few weeks ago I mentioned I was off for a general blood test.  I'd only gone to the doctors for a review of repeat prescription for a nasal spray I have to use on a daily basis.  But she noticed I hadn't had a blood test for about 10 years so 'it may be worth having one just to see if everything is ok'.  I procrastinated because I just knew that you don't get to be 60 without something starting to go awry.  So I starved myself for 12 hours and headed down to the local hospital and sure enough, the next day I received a text message saying the results were in and would I make an appointment to see a doctor.  Now, doctor's appointments within a week of waiting are hard to come by in this area and the first one I could get was in 3 weeks time.  Then I had a panic and wondered if I should attend a 'sit and wait' session and see someone sooner than that. So I popped into the surgery and asked the receptionist if there was anything on my notes to suggest whatever it was couldn't wait for a few weeks.  She said a 3 week wait was fine.  But those three weeks are now up, my appointment is Wednesday, and all manner of scenarios are flitting through my brain.  Is my cholesterol level up?  Glucose? Iron levels down?  Whichever way, clearly either a change of life style or medication is on the cards.  Must remember not to consult Dr Google who only ever scares the living daylights out of me!

But hopefully I will be ending the week with something nicer.  Meeting up with a total stranger that I met on the internet.  Pretty sure I told my kids never to do that!  #don't do as I do, do as I say 😊 And I don't think that a fellow blogger that I've been following for many a year qualifies as a 'total stranger'!


Ruth said...

Never, never, never consult Dr Google!! I do hope that your mind is put at rest when you attend the appointment.
I smiled at the meeting a total stranger comment ... it's my understanding that they'll be bringing a chaperone ...

Patio Postcards said...

I'll repeat Ruth's advice about "Dr" Google - I know that pre-appt worry is difficult, but your Dr. has the actual results, maybe a diversion of sorts until Wednesday.

Oh what fun for you to be meeting your total stranger blogging friend - a hint that perhaps this person has a 4 legged friend to accompany you both?! Enjoy.

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

Sending tons of good thoughts your way!! Never check with google for your health...I've found that out the hard way!!!

Cheri said...

I wish the doctors would just email you the report and findings. Waiting and worrying for three weeks is NUTS! But best wishes that it turns out to be something minor that can be fixed with a tweak to your diet or the addition of a supplement. said...

Today is Wednesday. I am sending up prayers about the results of your blood work. Not knowing is the worst. You will hopefully have good news today that your tests just indicated a bit higher cholesterol level or something similar.

Big hugs, my friend.