Sunday 27 October 2019

Back on the road

... the road to recovery that is!  Whatever this bug was it really took a hold of me and I can only hope that if it comes my way again, my immune system will remember I already had it and send it packing.

But the good news is that 

1 - I managed to finish the other traffic light hat

Being modelled by our old Cabbage Patch doll

2 - I had the energy to help build and play in a rather elaborate den

 The entrance to it is via a path of cushion stepping stones so that the crocodiles don't get you on the way in

3 - We all managed to get out in the fresh air for a nice dog walk, until someone's legs started aching and he needed a piggy back ride

4 - I had the energy to go into town for a browse.  Went into Marks and Spencer to get a loaf of their delicious mature cheddar and Red Leicester bread and also came out with a snowsuit for Max, some leggings for Rosie, a fox shaped gingerbread biscuit for Leo and these rather lovely loafers

5 - I am well enough to go with Paul to my cousin's for Sunday lunch along with my sister and brother in law.  She is such a character, I know it will be a fun afternoon with lots of laughs.  

Fingers crossed that the coming week sees even more improvement - I hope everyone else is keeping well and that no germs have been shared by visiting my blog!


Leslie Roberts Clingan said...

What a grand haul when you were only after a loaf of bread!! Darling shoes. Love the idea of a gingerbread fox. Would like one with my coffee, please.

Glad you are on the mend. What a devil of a bug this has been. We had flu shots on Friday and I held my breath all night that night and all day yesterday, worrying they would make us sick. They often do but not this year!

Hope lunch today was full of giggles and joy. You must be spraying down your keyboard with disinfectant because no germs came through this post or the ones before.

Big hugs to you, dear one.

Patio Postcards said...

Good to hear you are feeling better. That is an amazing fort creation & hoping that the alligator problem doesn't get out of hand! Your stop light hats are being modeled by the cutest of the cute. Oh those shoes! I want a pair.

Ruth said...

I find that M&S has that same effect on me! Good to hear you're feeling better.