Saturday 13 February 2021

Things that make you go 'ah' (version 2)

 I quite like the idea of recording the things that made me smile in the previous week so here's a few things that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

It snowed!  And we took Leo and Rosie out for a little play.  As you can see we were all bundled up with lots of layers but while one of us {me} may not have looked particularly stylish, we kept warm and dry!

Then on Wednesday Jon rang to say that it had been far too long since Max saw his nanny and grandad so he popped over for a very chilly walk and Max wondered why some of the ducks were able to walk on the icy water while some of them were swimming in the part of the lake that had melted.

As it's been so cold outside, I've spent a fair amount of time inside perfecting my crochet skills!  Only four more coloured stripes to do and then I'm onto the edging 😀

I've been hinting for a long time that it's been five years since we had our 'new' kitchen installed and we haven't repainted yet and on Thursday Paul finally agreed that it is looking a little 'tired' and needs freshening up.  I've decided it might look nice to go for a lighter neutral colour and then add some colour through accessories so here is our patchwork sampler pot effort!

Then today, totally out of the blue, I received this happy mail from Alison who was part of the Shimelle Scrapbooking classes 'gang' from quite a few years back.  It really did make me smile, happy mail really does live up to its name!

And finally, a different kind of 'ah', more of an 'argh' really - that shock to the system when you are out walking with the dog, the wind changes direction so you are walking into it, the sun goes in and you're in shade.

Ah!  Wind chill temperature of minus 10 degrees Celcius - time to head for home Coco!

Have a good weekend everyone, and I'll be back here on Tuesday, when I'm joining in a with a Sweet Treat Blog Hop.  I cannot begin to say how much of an 'ah' moment that was for Paul when he discovered I 'had' to do a sample of one of his favourite desserts!  


Ruth said...

-3C on Tilly's walk this morning - brrrr!
How lovely to see all your grandchildren this past week. We've just had a Zoom birthday party for Cachirulo. :)

alexa said...

Yes, gosh, hasn't it been cold! Lovely 'ahhs' :). Your tartan shawl looks very cosy and so does that very pretty blanket - you have really fulfilled your aim of learning a new skill. Such a fabulous card from Alison - isn't happy mail lovely? Glad you can see your grandchildren, and hope you have a great start to the week.

♥ Liz ♥ said...

Oh you're so lucky to be able to see your grandchildren. I keep hoping it's not too long till we can see ours. Your blanket is beautiful and will come in very handy during this chilly weather.

Patio Postcards said...

Those are definitely some wonderful "ah" moments being with your Grandchildren. Picking paint & following through with the job, I hope are ah, good decision moments (col).

Barbara Eads said...

My favorite picture is the one of Max looking at the ducks. You can almost see his wheels turning! Your crocheting is coming along quite nicely! And the painting will be a really nice refresh when it's finished. Can't wait to see it. said...

I think this needs to be a regular installment on your blog - at least until we are pandemic-free. It is a delight. Love seeing your babies. And happy to know you have seen all 3 recently. Your afghan is scrumptious. What pretty colors. Anxious to watch the kitchen refresh. I would like to repaint our walls but then again the idea of facing a huge project right now is too daunting.
Glad for your happy mail.