Wednesday 1 September 2021

A sentence a day in August

 The first day of August was autumnal in feel, I hope that the whole month isn't like that!  (Spoiler alert - it was)

Day 1 Rachel, Leo and Rosie came for Sunday lunch as James is still with his mum sorting out paperwork and arrangements for his Dad's funeral

Day 2 Went to friends in the afternoon for tea and cake, it was even warm enough to sit outdoors.

Day 3 Would have been my Dad's birthday today, had Leo and Rosie here, went into town then made more slime in the afternoon

Day 4 Max came for the day, had a crafty morning with him too, this time gluing googlie eyes on a card for his mum.

Day 5 Busy day! Had our ONS Covid and antibody tests, Zumba in the hall, hairdressers appointment, went to collect new glasses but the lenses didn't seem right so I didn't bring them home.

Day 6 We should have been seeing friends for drinks this evening but they are in isolation since their son tested positive at the beginning of the week.

Day 7 Treated ourselves to a Thai takeaway tonight - it was SO delicious

Day 8 Sunday lunch, invited Rachel and children round to join us - they were pleased to hear that James was coming home in the afternoon

Day 9 A day of sunshine and showers - a lot of crochet was done in the afternoon and I'm now ready to start the border around the edge.

Day 10 Took Leo and Rosie to a local park which has a Pet's Corner, they loved it

Day 11 Jon and Max came for the day and Jon had his second vaccination, we had friends over for drinks in the evening as they have now finished their isolation.

Day 12 Zumba - we have a new routine which includes the song Jai Ho and I am now happily singing it to myself all day (Paul not so happy!) picked Max up from nursery in the afternoon, it isn't local and we hadn't been there before so good to do a trial run in case we are needed when his little sibling arrives in a few months.

Day 13 Met up with ex-work friends in the garden in the morning and caught up with some crochet in the afternoon, I'm now on the border rows and SO close to being finished!

Day 14 A dreary day so baked rock cakes and spent the afternoon crocheting.  Blanket is nearly done!  

Day 15 Paul and I visited my cousin and her partner with my sister and brother in law - it was 2 years since our last Sunday lunch get together!

Day 16 Finished my blanket ....

Day 17 Took Leo and Rosie to Paradise Wildlife Park, we had a really lovely day

Day 18 Had Max here, and also Leo and Rosie in the morning as their childminder has been near someone who was diagnosed with Covid and is waiting for the results of a PCR test. 

Day 19 Zumba in the morning which always lifts your spirits, then went into town in the afternoon to pick up my new glasses - they had 'tweaked' the prescription and now I can actually see clearly out of them!

Day 20 It was a Friday which felt like a Saturday which is weird because when you are retired surely all days are the same?

Day 21 Leo's party - what an afternoon, he had so much fun!  We had friends over for a curry night in the evening who didn't go home until almost midnight so we were VERY tired when we went to bed.

Day 22 Sunday started very early for me, 4am to be precise, what a thunderstorm!  So much for getting a good night's sleep after a very busy day yesterday.

Day 23 Made birthday cake for Rachel's birthday tomorrow, started a new crochet project, a baby blanket so much smaller than my previous ones.

Day 24 Paul and I went to Anglesey Abbey in the day and then I babysat in evening while Rachel and James went out to celebrate her 35th birthday.

Day 25 Max came for the day and wore us both out

Day 26 Zumba in the hall and it was also National Dog Day, although to be honest, every day is Dog Day in our household!

Day 27 Caught up with chores around the house then went to friend's for dinner in the evening, it's nice to be socialising again although we are only seeing people indoors if we know they are being as cautious as we are in going out and about!

Day 28 Went out for a delicious Italian meal at lunchtime, babysat for Leo and Rosie in the evening 

Day 29 Leo's 5th birthday - he was one very excited boy when we popped round to wish him a happy birthday

Day 30 Max arrived in the morning to spend the day - and night - with us, he'd never come for a sleepover before so we were a little apprehensive but he was a very well behaved house guest

Day 31 What a busy day, Max, Leo and Rosie all here in the morning until Jon and Sophie came to collect Max at lunchtime, then a busy afternoon with L&R clearing up the pond area in the garden and discovering lots of newt babies.

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Patio Postcards said...

You have indeed have a very busy & social month. Glad to hear the practice runs & sleeps overs are going well for Max. Your crochet projects are really gorgeous. In your video the hollyhocks look so pink pretty & puffy.

Wildflower Adventures said...

Looks like you have a Spiderman fan & what a fun birthday party. The blanket looks soft & cozy, is it for the new Grand? Sounds like good times with friends now that restrictions have relaxed. The air felt fall in our area most the month of August. Karen

Susanne said...

What a lovely month, lots of time with the little ones - lucky you. The blanket is lovely, and should be quite effective at holding off the autumnal chill.

Ruth said...

Goodness me, I felt exhausted just reading all about what you did during August! :) And so much time with your grandchildren - how marvellous!
'Jai Ho' used to be used in my old Zumba class - such fun!

alexa said...

My goodness, that was a very full month! Your blanket is just beautiful and I am sure this autumnal weather will give you plenty of opportunities to use it ... I really enjoyed your little video whip-through too - some super lego building going on. I wasn't impressed with my reading glasses prescription (seemed too strong) but the optician insisted it was correct. I've put them away in a drawer and am wearing my old ones (and might try a different optician next time!). You look lovely in yours!

Barbara Eads said...

This sounds like you've had a busy month filled with lots of fun-- lots of time with the grands! Your blanket is gorgeous!!

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

You're a busy bee Deb, I love seeing your crochet projects. I've written my first SAD post for a couple of months, I didn't think I was doing enough to interest anyone! Still don't, looking at August- need to get out more!

Cathy said...

Sounds like you had a really fun weekend. Love the blanket and your new glasses. Have a great day!

Fairytales and Fitness said...

How fun that you get to go to Zumba! I use to go ( pre-covid) but when the gym opened back up they didn't bring Zumba back. They now only have one class and it is in the morning when I am!

What is Rock cake?

(visiting from the link up)

Joanne said...

Your blanket is beautiful! What a fun and full month.