Sunday 14 November 2021

All boostered up!

 Over 50 ✅ Six months since our second vaccination ✅ that's all we needed to qualify for our booster jab on Friday.  Once again everything ran very smoothly and apart from a sore arm, there didn't seem to be any other side effects.  Fingers crossed it keeps us safe.

Last week saw the big climate change conference in Glasgow and naturally it has been on the news constantly.   It makes you think of what ways you could do your own part to help.  For a few years now we have got our gas and electricity from a company who boasts that they use only 100% renewable energy.  We try to be mindful of the amount of red meat we consume and we aim to have at least one vegetarian meal a week, fish and chicken twice a week.

This week we have taken one other small step.  We've signed up for a milk delivery service from a local independent dairy.

 No more plastic containers for our milk or fruit juice!  Although we always used to put them in the recycling, it feels good to be reducing that plastic usage.  It does take me back to my youth!  I grew up in a small town where there were no supermarkets and the local shopkeepers offered a delivery service.  I remember the baker arriving at the door with a basket of freshly made bread, still warm - why does fresh, warm bread taste so much more delicious?  Orders for general shopping were delivered by Mr Negus, who would stop and have a cup of tea while mum unpacked the shopping and gave him back the bags he had brought it in.  It was a much slower, more social process but so much more personal.

As I brought the milk bottles in on the first delivery day I was taken back to being about seven years old and being made 'milk monitor' at school with my friend Nicky.  Every child was given a small bottle of milk at break time and it was our job to collect up the silver bottle tops and flatten them out to be saved and sent to Blue Peter.  There was a campaign to raise money to buy a guide dog for the blind by sending in milk bottle tops.  It was a very important job, and Nicky and I took it very seriously!  

When I was little, we had 'whole' milk, not semi skimmed or skimmed and the cream of the milk would settle at the top of the bottle.  Sometimes if we didn't go and get the milk in off the doorstep in time, cheeky birds would peck through the foil to get to the cream!  Even though we don't have whole milk now, I still found myself shaking the bottle before I poured out the milk.  Old habits die hard!

We have another busy week of grandchildren caring this week.  R's childminder and her husband both have Covid.  Naturally my first thought when I heard was 'poor things, I hope they only have it mildly' but it was swiftly followed by 'oh no, this is definitely going to impact on me!'  So wish me luck - four days of looking after Rosie are on the horizon!  Sometimes retirement does not seem to be going the way I thought it would 😉


Ruth said...

Yay for the booster!
We used to have milk delivered when The Boy was small, but it became more and more expensive and arrived on the doorstep later and later - I hope your milk delivery service will be much more cost-effective and prompt! :)

Patio Postcards said...

Good for getting the booster. Right now in Ontario, it's 70+, health care workers & those living in LTC. It will be a while before available for me, we are promised for the new year. Now when I hear that people have COVID, I first go to the thought "did they get the jab".

I enjoyed your milk memories. Yes each of us has to step up our contribution to being green or greener. I think the whole Glasgow event was a non starter, such a waste of time, ENERGY & money (IMO).

Have a fun week with Rosie.

Barbara Eads said...

There is so much to comment on here. When I was growing up, we too, had the milkman deliver to us. They put a silver box on the front porch which stayed. Then when they delivered, they just put the bottles in. If it was hot, they put a block of ice on top. We put the empty bottles back in the box for pick up. About retirement...I think you have joined the ranks of us who are busier now than ever before! Somehow, those lazy days we envisioned have not happened for us! Still, it's all fun stuff, so I'm not complaining!

Susanne said...

How nice you can step in to care for that adorable Rosie. I will pray for a little extra energy for you>

I am not eligible for my Covid booster yet, but I did get my flu shot at the pharmacy on Saturday. It was a bit weird because the gal seemed to feel obligated to really assure me that it was indeed the flu vaccine and not something else. I assumed she meant a Covid shot, but I told her I was not a denier, was fully vaccinated, and just waiting my turn for the booster. She laughed. Apparently there are plenty who are not around here.

alexa said...

Oh my goodness, this brings back so many memories - yes, I remember all of this too! Thank-you for re-awakening them. We too have been getting milk delivered: good to feel we are supporting a local business. And, like you, we've had a week of looking after our own little R. as her childminder also had Covid!