Monday 10 January 2022

10 on the 10th

 Today I'm joining in with 10 on the 10th, hosted by Leslie.

This month's collection is 10 prayers, wishes, hopes and goals for the next year.  I'm not good with New Year Resolutions so maybe this will be a better way of thinking about things I would like to see happen in 2022.

  • It goes without saying that first on the list is my hope that my family and friends all stay safe and well in the coming year
  • I intend to speedily return to my per-Christmas weight; having Paul in isolation meant we were indoors for 10 days with too much chocolate covered temptation
  • I am hoping that we can get to go to different places each month, even if it isn't far away, it would be good to find 12 new places to visit
  • Our son gifted us a voucher for a hotel website and my goal is to find somewhere to go for a night away hopefully sometime around my birthday in March
  • Last year we did a lot of socialising in the month before Christmas and then nothing in December - it was all or nothing! This year I intend to make sure we go out for one meal a month even if it is just lunch out in a pub.  Obviously this will not help my second comment ...
  • This year we plan to replace the flooring in our conservatory.  This has been on the 'to do' list for the last two years.  It HAS to happen in 2022
  • I really hope that we will get to go overseas on holiday this year - we used to go away at least twice a year before 'you know what' changed everything 
  • I desperately hope that this year we find a way to live with this virus in a way which allows us all, but in particular the young, to live our lives to the full, to socialise and learn in a more relaxed way
  • Over the last few months I feel like I have lost something in my blogging, so my goal for that is to find a bit of momentum to make better blog posts
  • Lastly, I would like to challenge myself to read a little more.  I'm not sure I could manage two books a month, but maybe 18 over the year?  I probably ought to investigate the Good Reads website.  Would I find anyone I know on there?
So that is my ten.  I actually found this harder than I thought I would!  I'll be interested to see what other people choose for their 10 on the 10th.


Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

You can find me on Good Reads! Leslie is on there too. I agree with your point about Covid. It may not ever go away completely but I hope we can adjust to life with it around.

alexa said...

With you finding a better balance between staying in (more risk free) ad going out (argh - danger everywhwere!). You have a very thoughtful list, mixing the social and the practical ... may it all be so!

Jennifer said...

Oh my - the conundrum of wanting to socialize, to get out again, and to enjoy time with our friends and family.....but still wanting to keep those pesky extra pounds away! All of the "good times" just seem to involve good food as well:) Sounds like a wonderful list, though. Here's to seeing many (if not all of them) take place in the months ahead!! Happy Monday, friend~!

Patio Postcards said...

I get email notifications from Good Reads, sometimes I take note of the selections :) It is certainly a life balancing act trying to keep health safe & keep well emotionally.

Cheers to a good 2022 full of a good balance of things. said...

Oh, I am thrilled to find your post!! Tickled pink. Meant to write you on What's App today but the day got away from me, and you are tucked into bed by now. Will check in with you tomorrow.

Yes, yes, yes to Goodreads. Sign up for the reading challenge and when you do, send me a friend request so I will know you are on there. Goodreads is a great place to discover books and folks who like books!!

What room is your conservatory? Hope you get that flooring replaced. I would like to pull up our carpeting upstairs but this won't be the year for that. Maybe we can at least clean the carpets?

If you ever want to put together a blog series or even a single post that we can do together, please holler. I would love to do something with you. Maybe something about Covid and grandmothering. I know we have talked together about how this virus has affected our families. Maybe we should write that up and share it??

Hope you can make a date each month to socialize. This darned virus appears to be here for the duration in one strain or the other. I guess maybe we need to figure out how to enjoy life and continue living around it. Easier said than done, I know.

Thank you for joining us for 10 on the 10th.

Scrappi Sandi said...

What a great list! I echo so many of them myself but even the simplest of goals can be a challenge in the current climate. I guess we can all just do all we can to keep safe & go with the flow. Personally I'm not ready to venture to foreign shores again just yet, but am planning to discover parts of the UK which we have not yet explored. Anyway I shall look forward to your updates on you list! Happy New Year! x

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

I like your list and may steal some of these. I also want to visit more places, and improve my blog posts. And I'm also hoping we start living with Covid because we can't go on with lockdowns because of the economic and emotional damage they cause.

Kirstin said...

I loved your list. I'm on goodreads. I really enjoy it though I probably don't utilize it as much as I should. I have been struggling with some weight gain and hoping to get it off.