Sunday 1 January 2023

A sentence a day in December

 Not only the end of another month, but another year.  But before we start to think about 2023, let's see how the last month of 2022 went ...

Day 1 Delivered my 'Reverse Advent Calendar' of contributions to our local Food Bank, it's a charity I like to support all through the year with donations when I do my weekly shop but at Christmas it is nice to hand over 24 items that will make up a Christmas dinner for a local family

Day 2 A busy day decorating our bathroom, a good job done and dusted

Day 3 went to the Enchanted Lights Trail at Audley End in the evening

Day 4 Zumba Christmas party - had such a good time ☺️

Day 5 Wrote cards and wrapped presents

Day 6 Christmas tree is up and decorated!

Day 7 Had Olive here for the day, every week I wonder if this will be the one where she takes her first steps!

Day 8 Leo's school play 'Lights ... CAMEL ... Action!' Very proud grandparents moments.

Day 9 Meal out with friends to celebrate one 60th birthday, two nearly 65th birthdays and of course pre-Christmas get together.

Day 10 So cold this morning - busy cooking for Paul's birthday lunch tomorrow.  

Day 11 All the family here for a celebratory Sunday lunch for Paul's birthday - just as they were getting ready to go home, Father Christmas went past on his sleigh - the children's eyes nearly popped out of their heads!

Day 12 Paul's 65th - Woke up to thick snow but fortunately the roads were clear enough by lat morning for us to get to the pub we had booked for lunch out with friends

Day 13 Roads are very icy - stayed very close to home

Day 14 Although the snow is hanging about, the roads were clear enough to go and collect Olive for our day together

Day 15 Last Zumba for the year, wrapped presents in the afternoon

Day 16 Went to churchyard to lay a wreath for Christmas and the anniversary of losing my mum

Day 17 Made a fruit cake, and a tomato and chorizo dish to take with us for a sharing tapas lunch at my cousin's house tomorrow

Day 18 Lunch at my cousin's house - she has an obsession with Christmas gonks and I'm wondering just how on earth she got this one home from the shops in the car?

Day 19 It rained overnight so the snow melted and I was easily able to get to my pub lunch with my friends

Day 20 No water!  Burst pipes everywhere because the temperature went from -10C to +10C overnight, fortunately we guessed there was a problem as the pressure in the taps dropped a lot so we filled kettles and saucepans before it went completely. School closed a day early due to water cut so had Leo and Rosie here all day.

Day 21 Water is back, but pressure is low - had Olive here for the day.

Day 22 Leo and Rosie here in the afternoon while Rachel and James did their last pre-Christmas work.

Day 23 Popped over to Jon's with their presents - Max and Olive were at nursery so Jon has been able to hide them before they returned home.

Day 24 Christmas Eve - supper with Rachel and James, the children are so excited! Picked up bottled water from the Community Centre as a 'just in case' precaution, pressure is still lower than it should be

Dy 25 Christmas Day - what a lovely time we had.  So lovely to have our whole family together.

Day 26 Boxing Day - back to Rachel's again, I could get used to having someone else cooking for me every day!

Day 27 Woke up with a blocked nose and sore throat - wondered if Covid had finally found me but my test was negative

Day 28 Had a bit more energy today and don't seem to be coughing so much

Day 29 Enjoyed having a relaxing day, spent time on my jigsaw, made a batch of homemade vegetable soup  

Day 30 Feeling a bit better today, went to friends in the evening to celebrate New Year a little bit early, Coco went to vets to have her head wound checked over.

Day 31 New Years Eve - we stayed home as we were worried that people nearby would be letting off fireworks and Coco is petrified of them.

And here's the month - 1 Second Everyday!

2022 has been a year of getting back to normal in so many ways and hopefully things will stay that way 🤞 Thank you so much for visiting me during this last year, I hope you'll return for 2023!

So, I have decided to shake things up a little.  New Year, new ideas!  There is another Deb's World which is hosted by the lovely Debbie Harris who lives in Australia.  She is co-hosting 'What's Been on Your Calendar'  #WBOYC which sounds like a fun way to do a similar thing.  I do sometimes feel like my daily notes become a bit repetitive with the routines of childminding etc so this way I will be concentrating on the bigger issues!  Do you fancy joining in too?  Pop over to Deb's blog and read all about it!


Patio Postcards said...

Another very busy month for you with lots of family & friends time. Oh no to burst pipes, glad that got fixed pronto. I hope Cocoa is doing much better. And that is quite a large gnome! Happy 2023 & I look forward to your new monthly connection.

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

Good thinking to fill up saucepans before the water stopped!
I'm also joining Deb for #woyc, I also join the book linky.
Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas.
Happy New Year Deb!

Wildflower Adventures said...

Happy New Year! Lots of fun festive things going on with the family. The gnome is adorable & the probably the biggest one as a decoration that I've ever seen. & little Olive ready to take her 1st steps at any moment. The Grands grow so fast. Karen

Jennifer said...

What a wonderful month - so much good time with family! Even with the bitter seemed to be a theme on every continent!! Hope you are feeling better. So glad your test was negative. Here's to a wonderful first week of January!!

Ruth said...

What a wonderfully festive month! Not so good about the burst water pipes, but brilliant forward thinking. Has Olive finally taken her first steps?

Happy New Year!

Barbara Eads said...

Another busy month---but loaded with lots of fun! I love your Christmas tree and that throw--so festive. Also, what you call monks, we call gnomes. I learn something new just about every time I read your blog! I'm glad that the "bug" or whatever you had held off until after Christmas and that you are feeling better for the new year!

Susanne said...

Love the family Christmas selfie! Bummer about the water pipes, glad it was restored quickly. Onward to 2023!