Monday 6 March 2023

Me on Monday

 Here we are again at the start of a new week - forecast for even lower temperatures so I can feel myself slipping into hibernation mode again!

It was a funny old week last week with more medical appointments than I would like. P was ok, his was a blood donation appointment and he's just heard that his 51st pint of blood has been sent to the Royal Middlesex hospital to be used.  Mine involved blood too.  A routine request for a repeat prescription of an allergy spray turned into a 'we haven't checked your diabetes risk for a few years now and you really ought to be sent for a bone density scan' (the joys of approaching 65!) So I was having an HbA1c blood test.  I'm starting to regret all the chocolate I ate over Christmas now!  Watch this space.  R then saw an ENT consultant for what she thought may be labyrinthitis as she has been very congested with dizzy spells.  But no. They think it may be Meniere's disease so she's been for MRIs and is due for a hearing test too.  Now, if anyone reading this knows anybody who has this I'd love to hear from you as it is a bit of an unknown to us.

It wasn’t all medical visits though, there was some of this

Crocheting in the sunny conservatory while Coco had a little doze!

And my son turned 33.  Thirty Three! How did that happen?  It does seem strange to think that my youngest is now that old, and that he's now a year older than I was when he was born.

So this week is cold and damp and it would be very easy to just stay home in warm comfy clothes.  But I am meeting up with my author friend tomorrow for lunch.  I am hoping that we will be in a celebratory mood, as tonight she is going to the Romantic Novelist Awards where she is nominated for her most recent book 'Six Days' which is in the Jackie Collins Romantic Thriller category.  We'll still be celebrating even if she doesn't win as it is such an honour to even be shortlisted.  She won the Contemporary  Romantic Novel award in 2022 so we are hoping that she will be successful again this year.

Keep you fingers crossed for her!


Patio Postcards said...

Definitely have fingers crossed for your friend. How nice that you get to go with her to celebrate her gift of writing. Fingers & lots of positive energy being sent for good results to your blood work & bone density scan. Good that they are testing & ruling out causes for R's dizziness. I don't know anything about Meniere's disease other than I was tested when I was having my vertigo issues. Happy birthday to your son.

Ruth said...

Goodness, what a worry with all those tests for you all, fingers crossed for good results all round.
Fingers crossed for your friend as well!

Barbara Eads said...

That's a great way to refer to medical appointments--you are having an "old" week rather than referring to "old" person appointments. I'm having one myself this week! As always, love the crocheting.

Susanne said...

I won't be going into hibernation mode even if the temps drop around here. We have had enough warm days now that the pollen count is sky-high, and I have officially opened up the allergy meds for the season. Spring has arrived as far as my sinuses are concerned.

Jennifer said...

That Coco is brilliant - just the right idea and loving life!! My youngest would have been 30 last year and I find myself repeating, "how can I possibly have three children in their 30's??" Still don't have the answer!

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

Ooh, more tests for me to look forward to! I received a DIY blood test from the NHS, prior to donating blood they want to know my blood type. Hope your friend had good news! Enjoy the weekend