Monday 16 October 2023

Me on Monday

 It was a busy week for vaccinations here last week. Flu on Monday and Covid booster on Saturday, thankfully the only after effects were the normal aching arm. I’m thankful to have had them now before the usual virus laden months arrive.

Around here we are ankle deep in conkers, even when the grandchildren aren’t with me I can’t resist picking at least one up when out walking Coco.

We put the central heating on yesterday 😬 the temperature overnight was forecast to drop and I sneaked over to the programmer before we went out on Saturday evening and moved the lever to ‘timer on’. Just for a couple of hours in the morning but it was so nice to wake up and not notice a chill in the air! It also influenced our Sunday lunch decisions and I made a comforting chicken and leek pie - autumn really has arrived.  Today I believe that we woke to a very light frost so I am pleased that I changed that dial.

So this morning finds me heading off to town to collect some birthday gifts I ordered for Rosie. This is a busy time for birthdays; our daughter in law on Thursday, Olive turns two on the 28th then Rosie is five in November. Needless to say we are booked in for babysitting duties on Thursday eve so our son can take Sophie out for a civilised, quiet, uninterrupted dinner for two!

I'm off for hopefully my last osteopath appointment today so I'm hoping she has turned the thermostat up in her consulting rooms before I have to get undressed!


Patio Postcards said...

I haven't seen any conkers as yet, although I only know of about 4 chestnut trees in our village. We are now ankle deep in the green nut shells of the black walnut. We put on heating on last week, but thankfully it only comes on in the morning to take the chill off. Yes let's hope the osteopath has her heating on. Lots of reasons for cake coming up - I like that :)

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

J turned the heating on yesterday. He's got a cold, well we both have, but I have a temperature (or hot flushes!) most of the time, so I wasn't best pleased.
I brought back lots of conkers - I firmly believe they ward off spiders!
Have a good week.

Jennifer said...

Not sure I know what I conker is....but I am noticing your mittened hand! Yes, autumn is here!! I am trying so hard not to turn the heat on..but we did use the gas fireplace this morning:) I do hope the osteopath has it warmed up nicely before you get there! Happy Monday to you!

Ruth said...

Yikes, you have your mittens on! I only surrendered my shorts yesterday ... but then we may have put the heating on this evening!
Hoping the osteopath's consulting room was toasty warm and that they were able to help. said...

I remember seeing those conkers in other reports in past years. I tend to pick up acorns and pinecones and would pick up conkers, too, if we had them. Curious things.

We are delighting in cooler weather. Today's high will only be 82F/27C* and the morning was quite brisk. We got up early to do a quick weight workout and took a spin around the block. I was in shorts but will be sure to have sweats on tomorrow if we do a repeat walk.

Hope all the birthday girls are well celebrated. And that you are released from the care of the osteopath. Cannot believe Rosie will be 5. Cami will be 4 in January and Declan 2 in December. We will all be together...I January to celebrate those 2 little ones.

♥ Liz ♥ said...

Our heating came on this week too. I've been putting it off for ages. Hubby is still in his shorts but I'm in jeans and boots.