Monday 6 November 2023

Me on Monday

I couldn't help but take a photo of this gorgeous acer tree while we were out on a dog walk yesterday, isn't it beautiful?

I wonder if, when you read this, my new washing machine will have arrived?  Today is supposed to be the day and boy do I have many a pile of washing to do!  It has been lovely knowing that my ironing pile was non existent but that is all about to change.

I have a week off from Zumba this week.  My teacher boarded a plane for South America on Saturday and won't be back for six months!  She runs her classes with someone else so there'll be no excuse for becoming unfit while she is gone but just for this week there are no lessons.  She is originally from Venezuela and has family dotted around South America so is spending time with her new husband travelling ... on motorbikes! What an experience.

So last week I 

  • Finally found a pair of trainers that I liked and seem beautifully comfortable (I have been looking for almost a year!)
  • Halloween happened. We had no trick or treaters again this year - thankfully I hadn't bought a lot of sweets 'just in case' so I don't have to eat it all myself.
  • We met up for lunch with two other couples which was lovely
  • Although it was Guy Fawkes time, there weren't too many fireworks nearby, hopefully people had gone to organised displays.  However we did have an hour where Coco was terrified and we just felt so helpless, she just stares at us as if to say 'do something, make it stop'
  • Another unexpected Saturday of seeing Jon and his children. Sophie has a series of hosting work events in the lead up to Christmas and as the weather was wet and miserable, coming here for the day was a good way of entertaining the children!  Funny how 'a few hours' becomes 10.30 - 6pm!
  What does this week hold - apart from doing quite a few loads of washing?  Not to mention the inevitable ironing?  Actually not too much, apart from a hairdressers appointment and a curry night with three other couples.  Thankfully not our turn to host as the renovation work on the downstairs loo has started and there's a lot of 'making good' to do after removing the tiles by the sink.  It's going to look very different in there when it is done - let's just say it will be a little bit tropical!


Patio Postcards said...

Oh poor Coco even an hour of the noise & flash of lights must be awful for her. Many of the public events now seem to have replaced the fireworks with the noise & flash of light, with drone lighted displays. Much quieter. It will be interesting to experience the style of the Zumba class with another teacher. Fingers crossed your new washing machine arrives on time ... maybe a day to admire without the work (col).

Ruth said...

Poor Coco, fireworks are just so horrible for our frightened pets. I hope your new washing machine has arrived by now and that you already have the first load on the go. :)
Am intrigued by the thought of a tropical downstairs loo!

Barbara Eads said...

That tree is gorgeous--just about every fall color in one tree. We didn't have such a colorful fall this year. Maybe we didn't get enough rain. About ironing--I don't do much of that these days. Most things come out of the dryer just fine--as long as I catch them right away. If they sit, then they have to be ironed or wet and dried again.

Jennifer said...

As I type this comment, it should be close to 8:30 in the evening for you. I hope that means the washer has arrived and all that laundry is now clean, folded and returned to its proper place!!:) Ok, hopefully the washer has at least arrived!! Here's to a very productive week ahead!! And, yes, that tree is stunning!!

♥ Liz ♥ said...

I hope the washing machine arrived and that your new trainers are all you hoped they would be. Has Coco recovered from the fireworks? Blue wasn't bothered in the least but Innes didn't like them one bit.