Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Good days

Today has a lot of good things in its favour. Firstly, my little Egyptian princess is coming home from her holiday. I've spoken to her a few times and she sounded like she was having a good time. We redecorated her room while she was away (well, only wallpapered one wall but the room looks TOTALLY different!) so I hope she likes it.
Secondly, my political correspondent in the North (is Sheffield considered 'north'? well it is north to where I live so I vote 'yes') passed his January exams. Brilliantly in one, really well in another and by a whisker for the third. But hey! All passes count!
Thirdly, it's sunny! Yay! Looks so lovely out there. And as we all know, Wednesday is Walk day so I am just waiting for the call to say my walking buddy is home from work and we will be off. A million calories burnt off by tea time ;-) which will compensate for the maltesers I have just eaten ...
Fourthly, it's my day off. No work for me on a Wednesday. Got a busy day tomorrow I expect as it is AS / A level January module results day and guess what? I work in the exams office on a Thursday. All the more reason to make the most of my leisure time today.
I've been busy printing off a few photos ready for a crop day on Sunday. The theme is outdoors so I have been going through my pictures. I've printed off a few in black and white and it's amazing how different the same picture can look when you change it that way. I need to be well organised in advance as there is a big event happening on Saturday ......

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