Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Phew! I've finished my Landmark pages for the last of the 'here' part of the project. Just in time to start on the 'there' part!

Our town has some very old bits (remains of Roman castle) and some very new bits (new shopping centre area) so I have tried to mix it up a bit and show a variety. I've also included some facts about 'famous' people that have been associated with the town. I never knew Russell Brand once went to Hockerill College - albeit briefly as he was expelled! And as a Strictly Come Dancing fan, I had to include a little fact about Austin Healy as he was my favourite! I actually saw him play for our local rugby team last year. The one and only rugby match I have watched from the side lines!

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Sarah said...

I like your mix-up :)

Yes the daisies are a stamp - border stamps, Sandylion/Kelly Panaci. I really like her stuff, my style to a T. I've got a few of them now, but never enough ;)