Thursday, 17 September 2009

A weekend of mixed emotions

I've got a very varied weekend lined up here and I think I'm going to be exhausted by Monday.
First the nice bit. Rachel and I are going for a Spa Day at the Sanctuary Spa in Covent Garden on Saturday. A whole day of girly pampering and relaxation. Swimming, sauna, jacuzzi, massage, sleep retreat, facial - you get the picture!
So what's the best way to balance all that de-stressing and relaxing? How about a 300 mile round trip journey up to Sheffield and back to take Jon back to uni on Sunday. Do you think he and Paul will have all his possessions boxed up and ready to go while I am out on Saturday? Will the car be loaded and ready to go first thing ? No I don't think so either!
When Jon came back in June it felt like he was going to be home for a long time but now it's time to go back - it feels as if he only just got here. I'm hoping it will be easier leaving him up there for his 2nd year than it was for his first. I tried hard to be a brave mummy but it's a long drive home after you drop them off in a strange place where they don't know anyone. Of course by the time we had got onto the A1 he was in the student union bar with his new flat mates but we weren't to know that!

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Denise said...

Well, you never know, they might just surprise you :-) Hope you enjoy your day being pampered - and I will be thinking of you as we depart for the other end of the country with Will xxxx