Wednesday 27 January 2010

Recipe of the week - Rocky Road

I have the tattiest, scruffiest old recipe book that I hand write any recipes that other people give me or that I scribble off the Internet. The recipes are given my own title, which usually includes the name of the person who gave it to me. Which explains 'Auntie's Lemon Flan' 'Denise's Cherry Cheesecake' 'Mum's meringues' and 'Debbie Turner's Hawaiian Chicken'. You can tell how often I have cooked something by the amount of splashes and bits of crumb on the pages. Remember my intention to try a new recipe every week? Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to: Lynn the Osteopath's Rocky Road:

250g plain choc
150g milk choc
175g butter/marg
4 tbs syrup
200g broken up biscuits
150g Brazil nuts
150g glace cherries
125g mini marshmallows

Melt chocolates together with butter/marg
Add syrup
Chop up nuts and cherries and add to the mix with the broken biscuits and marshmallows
Pour into 10" square greased tray.
Put in fridge to set and then cut into squares.

(I cheated and melted a bar of milk chocolate with nuts in rather than chop nuts up and add separately!)


Sian said...

Now, this is the kind of recipe I love! I think I even have everything I need..thanks Deb. I'm going to copy this one down right now.

Liberty :) said...

That looks delish!!

humel said...

Ooh, yum - well, except for the nuts, what with my nut allergy and all! But I'm sure it would be just as good without :-)

Sian said...

Hi Deb! I've left you an award on my blog today. Hope you like it!

Rachel Brett said...

That looks delicious Deb, Thanks for sharing.