Saturday 19 June 2010

Lagos layout

I'm home alone this afternoon and I'm taking the opportunity to take over the lounge and make as much scrapbooking mess as I possibly can without anyone interfering. I've been thinking about what I can do for the next page of my Portuguese album and decided to use some pictures I took in the town of Lagos which is about 10 mins drive from my sister's house.
It's a lovely town, full of character and an important part of the Algarve's history. It used to be the capital and you can still see parts of the old city walls. The building which was Europe's first slave market is still there, it houses an art gallery now. When you walk around it, you find it hard to believe the sights and sounds that would have been on that spot over 600 years ago.
But it's not just a historical place, it's a busy town full of cafes, restaurants and shops and the perfect place to sit in the mid morning with a glass of 'Galao' - 1/3 espresso coffee and 2/3 frothy milk, and just watch the world go by. How much do I wish I was there right now?


Denise said...

Probably about as much as I wish I was there right now too!... So are you going to get over to Camp Scrap and have a wee lookie ? Go on you know you want to :-))xx

scrappyjacky said...

Sounds just perfect,Deb....and a lovely page for your album.
Now get on over to Camp Scrap and take a look!!

Sian said...

Lagos is beautiful! Have you seen the great bikini shop? Lovely page Deb.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Great pictures - I especially like the two on the right hand page. You look so relaxed, and the look down the canal is very evocative. Love the butterflies, too.

humel said...

Fab layout, and love how you've written about it too :-)