Wednesday 1 September 2010

Lessons learnt today

1. Nigella's recipes are so far all successful. The Thai Chicken Noodle Soup was voted as 'better than anything you would get in Wagamama's' by my husband. Praise indeed.
2. 3pm is not too early for a glass of rose wine provided you are sitting in your friend's garden with a slice of her homemade victoria sandwich cake filled with whipped cream and raspberry jam
3. The last week of the summer holidays goes past 3 times as fast as the previous 5 weeks

and most important of all -

4. If one of your koi carp dies at the weekend and your husband is given the job of burying it in the garden, he should dig a hole deeper than 2ft or a fox will come into the garden overnight, dig it up, eat half of it and leave the remains in the middle of your lawn


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

1) Yummy
2) True!
3) I agree
4) Ew.

Jennifer Grace said...

Yuck! Funny when you look back on it I suppose!

Definitely think that's not too early for wine and cake. Sounds a perfect way to round off the summer! xx

scrappyjacky said...

Sadly...I learned lesson 3 a long time ago!!!!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Very funny! I'm chomping at the bit to figure out what I should write about for what I learned today (if that makes sense).
We love wagamama's. Discovered it in Dublin and was rejuvenated by it in London after visiting the British Museum (and a nearby stamp store - Blade Rubber Or something like that).
Fond memories!

Amy said...

Every Nigella recipe I've tried has been a hit ... surprisingly, both of the kids love her shows!

Denise said...

Oh dear, number 4.. totally agree about Nigella, any recipe I've ever done of hers they have all liked ( and you know how difficult that can be !)and true for cake in the garden...not sure about hols cos it's been a long time since those long summer hols for me (!)They're all grown up now ...

Sian said...

My google reader has me working backwards so I'm coming to this one after Thurs - now I see what you meant about the animal related incidents. Uprooted fish? Oh no: that's not good.

humel said...

Oops - I somehow missed this post earlier! I really must try out some of Nigella's recipes - I've mainly been sticking to Jamie Oliver so far. And I'm so up for cake and wine! Mmm.... xx