Wednesday 8 September 2010

Technical issues

So what did I learn today

  • If something computery goes wrong, it isn't necessarily caused by me breaking it. It's reassuring if two IT helpdesks and the network manager can't make it work either.

  • After 6 weeks holiday, every teacher assumes that their work is the most urgent on the secretaries' lists

  • Each work minute lasts about 10 normal minutes

  • There is no emergency chocolate left in the office cupboard - aaaahhhhh!!!!

  • Someone ate the last biscuit

  • There is nothing more heartbreaking than a little Year 7 new girl standing at the reception desk with tears in her eyes, bottom lip wobbling and a shaky voice saying she's lost and can't find her friends

  • It is very frustrating for the same Year 11 girl being sent down to the office to be reported for uniform infringements 4 times in one day. When will they learn that nail varnish isn't allowed, nor is makeup, knee length does not mean rolling the waistband of your skirt over and over half a dozen times until you show your undies when you walk and a bright pink scarf is not part of our brown uniform.

  • Year 10 girls believe that sighing loudly and tapping their fingernails on the reception desk will get the attention of one of the 5 secretaries trying desperately hard to catch up on start of term work.

Back to school. Don't you just love it?


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I'm laughing at your list, Deb. Oh the drama you must witness every day working at a girl's school! ;o)

scrappyjacky said...

Love it too,Debs!!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Every single one of those is perfect! I especially love the uniform rolling and teachers all thinking their worth the most important (definitely guilty of that myself).

Sian said...

And I bet you were able to help her out because you are a nice secretary! Great list.

Anonymous said...

My girl's school had a punishment uniform made which was a blouse sewn to a skirt - no wearing your blouse untucked and no rolling up of skirts in that little number!

Jennifer Grace said...

Ha Ha! great list. I never tried rolling my skirt up, but I did always get told off for untucking my shirt. It must be very frustrating to have the same problems all the time! x

Amy said...

Oh the poor little Year 7 girl .. the uniform rolling is very funny :-)

Cheryl said...

I love your list Deb you must never have a boring day x

Scrappi Sandi said...

I'm playing catch up on your last post too! How lovely that the surprise was just that! & how great that they went to all that trouble...blessings indeed!!

LOL at the back to school tales!I do hope the 'computery' problems are now fixed!!

Rachel Brett said...

I can really relate to this Deb, they are just as bad at college!!!

Great list, it did make me laugh!!

humel said...

So much sympathy!! Poor you - I promise I'm extra nice to my school secretaries, regularly baking muffins for them etc - would have done it anyway but you can consider it done in your honour if you like xx

Ruth said...

Oh, yes, I remember the start of terms very well. I always liked school best when the pupils weren't in it!