Sunday 30 September 2012

My month in numbers

What's that?  September's nearly over?  It can't be.  Today?  The last day is today?  What?  So that means I can take part in My Month in Numbers.  I've never joined in this project before, but there's a first time for everything!  Julie Kirk gave me the idea here on her blog 

1 - farewell meal with Jon, 1 family gathering with Paul's cousins and 1 quiz night
2 - trips to the vet with Rachel's dog, 2 meals out with friends, 2 bottles of wine won in a raffle
3 - days in Peak District and 3 friends or relatives having birthdays
5 - times I didn’t win the lottery 
24 - the day Jon moved to Edinburgh
25 - pounds won on the premium bonds

32 - number of years wedding anniversary we celebrated
40 - the number of years I have known the ex school-friends I did the quiz night with
About 16 - the age me and the ex school-friends feel when we get together
50 - number of years wedding anniversary celebrations for Paul's cousin and husband
360 - the number of miles between us and Jon now he's moved to Scotland


Elizabeth said...

No doubt about it, our lives are controlled by numbers! You accomplished quite a lot in September. My favorite month starts tomorrow--October.

Julie Kirk said...

Welcome aboard the number train!

You seem to have had a very sociable month [even though it involved a fond farewell].

I think you're brave to count the number of times you didn't win the lottery! But I guess the premium bonds made up for that.

Thanks for joining in, I've pinned your post to the board with the others now:

Have a happy October

Julie :-)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

congrats on winning the premium bonds!

Irene said...

Such a diverse set of numbers, some happy and some sad moments. Wishing your son well on his journey. That's a wonderful photo of your school friends. Such a precious keepsake. Enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

Sian said...

Happy Wedding Anniversary!

..and that's a nice little win - are you using it for a treat or saving it up, I wonder. I think you probably deserve a treat

Maria Ontiveros said...

I really like how your numbers span such a large gamut.

Scrappi Sandi said...

Great mix of numbers & love the corresponding pics!! :D

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

What an orderly set of numbers!