Monday 24 December 2012

Christmas comes early

So I'm cooking lunch yesterday, stir frying a pan of pork stroganoff, when the door bell rings.  'Who on earth is that?' went through my mind, not expecting any more parcel deliveries or visitors. Of course, despite there being two other people in the house - not to mention a dog, no one else seemed inclined to rush to the door.  'Can someone else get that?' gained no replies except a muffled 'wrapping presents' from one room and the final flourish of a guitar tune from another. 
Our kitchen is at the front of the house so I went over to the bay window to see who it was whilst still stirring the pan and standing there was someone who looked like our son.  You know, the one who now lives in Scotland and isn't coming home until late Christmas eve.  Actually it wasn't just someone who looked like him - it WAS him!  A yelp of surprise, pan thrown back onto the cooker, husband opening the front door, daughter running downstairs with sellotape in hand, dog barking ... Son covered in people hugging him and dog getting in on the action with licks and barks.  Extra tagliatelle added to the pasta pan, more veggies chopped and a bottle of wine opened.  He's home!  Back a day early as a surprise.  All the family together for an extra day.  Happy Mum.
So whilst I will be continuing JYC, I don't think I'll have time to post daily until after the big day so will hopefully see you back here for a catch up in a few days.  Have a brilliant Christmas, enjoy quality family time, keep healthy and happy.


Ifa said...

What a brilliant surprise! Hope you all have the bestest Christmas and "see" you in the New Year.

Elizabeth said...

Happy that you are having an early Christmas. Families are the best!

Denise said...

How lovely - Merry Christmas and lots of love x x

Alison said...

What a great surprise Deb...have a lovely Christmas
Alison xx

Anonymous said...

Oh Deb, how lovely. A very Happy Christmas to you x

Sandie said...

That was a lovely surprise. I've got my son home for Christmas too,
so I understand your joy. Hope you have all had a wonderful day.