Sunday, 15 September 2013

A week in the life

I've never taken part in a Week in the Life before and my brief experiment in the last 7 days has proved to me that I would be rubbish a doing Project Life. If I can't do a week properly, how would I do a year? I guess it's a matter of training yourself to take photos regularly of your day to day life but when you are doing something of your normal routine, you don't think to take a photo of it!
I'm beginning to sound like a student about to hand in some homework that she knows she should have worked harder on and is trying to think of a believable excuse.  Ahem, I left my Week in the Life on the bus?  The dog ate my Week in the Life?  I saved it on a memory stick and then I dropped the memory stick in a cup of tea?  OK, here goes:

It is very hard to close the kitchen door on Coco's sad little face when we leave for work in the morning and I am sure she spends her time alone plotting naughty things to do on our return.  On Monday she ran all over the sofa, threw the cushions on the floor and started biting one.  She's two.  She should have grown out of such things!  Spent my afternoon finishing off my mini book.
Coco sleeps in the kitchen overnight, but the minute we open that door in the mornings she is out of bed and up the stairs before you can say 'good morning'.  The temperatures had dropped overnight so, much to my husband's dismay, I put the heating on.  The school I work at is also the one that my daughter went to and there are some things in the school canteen that she remembers fondly so if I see them on the counter, I bring one home as a treat.  Vanilla cupcakes today with a mini marshmallow.
Wore a long sleeved sweater today for the first time in ages.  It was my day off so I went into town and tried to resist the pick n mix sweets.  By the time I saw them, I only had a few minutes left on my parking ticket so I didn't have time to indulge.  Wednesday evening out at Chimichanga restaurant with three friends.  My friend who is now officially an author brought us her one and only copy of her book that is now ready to go into proper publication.  Exciting times!  Sheila is about to start a new job at Cambridge University, plus it was Kim's birthday so we got a free bottle of wine to celebrate. 
I wore winter tights and closed in shoes for the first time this autumn on Thursday.  Coco was miffed that we were going out and leaving her home alone - again.  Chilly weather meant lovely comfort food for tea - cottage pie with runner beans from the garden.  I'd decided that it was time to get some exercise again, so I dusted the cobwebs off my trainers and headed to a Zumba class in the evening.  Only it wasn't Zumba, it was a new dance based class called Fitsteps!  Designed by two of the Strictly Come Dancing team.  Hard work but good fun.
Friday the 13th!  P went out to the shops and forgot his wallet so me and Coco had to go to the shops to take it to him.  He was supposed to be going to help me out and save me the time of having to go.  Turns out it took longer than it would have if I'd gone on my own in the first place ... Then home to ironing.  By 6pm after a busy week at work and doing my chores it was definitely 'wine o'clock'.

 I know that I'm not really in the age range that the marketing department at Ready Brek are aiming for but I do love it and it's the perfect breakfast for a chilly morning.  Then off to Waitrose to do the weekly shop.  The dog goes crazy when you walk in with 4 bags of shopping, the smell of food must be so tantalising for her.  So as soon as it was put away we took her out for a walk.  First time I've had to wear my wellies for a while!  P had been to pick some more blackberries and I froze 5 bags of them and cooked the last portion with some apple, ready to make a crumble on Sunday.  Phew - think I deserve a coffee by now.  A nice cup from the Nespresso machine, drunk while reading the magazine that comes with the Saturday newspaper.  We both fancied some Indian food for dinner but didn't feel like a take-away so we 'home cooked' one.  Using a jar of Rogan Josh sauce and some accompaniments from Waitrose.  Yum.
Remember those pesky butterflies?  They are still there, in fact there are a couple more every time I look.  I've suggested 'rounding them up' and putting them in P's new shed to shelter but he's having none of it.  Coffee in my favourite mug and a slice of M&S strawberry and vanilla Swiss roll.  2 for £2 - what a bargain and so delicious!  We were having pot roast beef for lunch and there was a nice variety of veggies to chop up to go in it.  When we are both busy and not taking any notice of Coco, she is prone to doing 'something' to get our attention.  Today she decided to empty all the blankets out of her bed and drag them into the dining room.  This afternoon, full of pot roast and blackberry and apple crumble with custard, we both sat in the lounge and read.  I finished The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton.  The first 'proper' book I've read in a long time (as opposed to kindle reading).  I loved it.  I really would recommend it. 

So that's my week.  If I did it again, I'd remember to take more photos each day and not just of food and drink! 


Ruth said...

Very well done! Isn't it astonishing how much we can fit in to one week? You're very organised with all the words typed out; I have the photos printed and words in note form only.

alexa said...

You have done really well to have all your photos sorted and your journalling done at this point in the week! I think you'd be an expert Project Lifer!

Louise said...

I like your thought process - looks like you would be great at PL x

scrappyjacky said...

I refuse to wear tights in it better not get any colder!!
I think you've done a great job with this.

Sian said...

I think you have made a fine job of conjuring up an autumny week with your record of blackberry picking and ready brek and woolly tights. As always, you have made it fun to read too. Good stuff!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

You did a great job! I too had a lack of photos & notes but I figure I can put a page a day together out of what I have and add it to my 2013 photo book when I assemble it.

I have started looking for my tights as well but I don't quite need them yet.

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Oh, Deb, I loved reading your post about your week. You are so funny. You're right, Project Life does require a lot of photo-taking, but I think you kind of get in a groove after a while.

I love your journaling in this post, and I can see it going into a mini-book as text with your lovely photos.