Thursday 31 October 2013

My Month in Numbers - October

"October is crisp days and cool nights, a time to curl up around the dancing flames and sink into a good book."
John Sinor

I couldn't have put it better myself!  Hands up all those who are imagining being curled up in a comfy armchair with a warm blanket around you in your PJs and slippers.  Mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows on a table nearby, a roaring fire in the fireplace, curtains drawn and the muffled sound of the wind swirling round outside? 

Well don't get yourself too comfortable because we need to go out for a drive in my NEW CAR!!!!  Yes, I have a brand new bright red shiny Mini ONE.
I had my last mini for nearly 10 years, I loved it so much I didn't want to part with it but the time had come and now I have a new one to love. 
While we drive around I can tell you that this month we had 4 hours without power at work which resulted in an early end to the day for me at work. Of course I was devastated to have to be at home sewing instead of sitting at my desk,(fortunately my side of town got power back 2 hours before the school side)absoltuely devastated. 
We've only had one birthday this month so it was light on the candle front (no pun intended) 24
There was a storm in this area where they were predicting the end of the world ,doom gloom and terror, flash floods and hurricane winds. It was pretty windy for an hour or so and we had a bit of rain but nothing as dramatic as they said it would be. Although I hear via Facebook that some areas about half an hour away had 55 hours with no power.  My daughter was unable to get into London for work for 2 days due to problems on the train lines (this meant she had to work in the local branch office, which did not please her as all her work was sitting on a desk in London.) The reason for 2 full days of no trains? 240 trees blown onto the lines for the Greater Anglian region alone.   On dog walks we noticed 4 trees that had blown over on the pathways around where we live.

Talking of dogs, someone had a wonderful 2 hours in the mobile dog groomers van

At work I have entered the details of 340 girls who want to come to our school next year.  Sadly we only have 180 places so a lot of them will be disappointed. It also means that I have spent hours inputting 160 files of data for nothing.  Let's not dwell on that eh?
500mg per tablet of the antibiotics I was prescribed for sinusitis.  And if Denise is reading this, step away now, it's the antibiotic that you are REALLY allergic to! I'm pretty sure it won't get beyond the firewall of the computer, but we don't want to take any risks do we?

This Month in Numbers project is organized by Julie Kirk, who suggests a Communal Count each month, this month it was
Letters were thin on the ground this month, 27 were directly addressed to me. If we were including junk mail, it would have been higher. 
Now, as to numbers relating to weather, let's head over to the weather app to see what they predicted for us on the Day Of The Big Storm
98% chance of rain?  29mph winds?  Let's get back into that armchair with a good book and the hot chocolate.

See you in November!


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Wow - 240 trees blown down? So sad! That really was quite a storm. We have monsoons in August that deliver some really crazy "micro bursts" and usually down a few trees here and there, but 240?

I love your cute little car, Deb, and I always enjoy reading your month in numbers. :o) xo

Amy said...

Your big storm was on the news here Deb - we have had a few of them recently and it is a strange combination of preparing for the worst and having the emergency services/media getting a little out of control!

Mmm, I love driving in your new car ... it still has new car smell!

Sian said...

I hope the sinusitis is well cleared up now so that you can get out and about enjoying that gorgeous new car!

Wow, those are scary numbers for the school places. It really makes you think..

Julie Kirk said...

Thanks for joining me Deb - I love to read your numbers.

So far in Month in Numbers two of us have bought/sold cars and 2 have been on antibiotics. I - alas - am of the latter category!

Fortunately the bad weather missed us out - but seeing as I work from home most of the time anyway it wouldn't have mattered if I couldn't get into work!

I saved your post on to the board earlier today:

Have a wonderful November.

Julie :-)

p.s: Look! I made it all the way to the end of the trip without being sick in your new car. My compliments to the driver. ;-)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Sounds like a heck of a storm! Love your new car & hope you are feeling better!

Abi said...

Oh Deb you do make me laugh! The storm was typically english wasn't it?! We all made a big fuss and really it only effected one area of the county! We do love a bit of doom and gloom though.
Your mini looks lovely.I learnt to drive in a mini very similar to that one there. I have fond if stressful memories of it!

Sinead said...

Thank you for sharing about your month Deb! Congratulations on your new car, it's gorgeous :D I heard about the storm, what disruption it caused! Hope you are feeling better! x

Nathalie said...

That was a fun read and I like the way you incorporated all your numbers in your text so easily :) Glad the storm was not as bad as anticipated and I LOVE your new car! Congratulations!