Friday, 31 January 2014

My Month in Numbers

Whats the strangest thing anyone said to you this month? Mine has got to be the comment "Oh Debbie, you're looking very Irish today." Irish? Is that a compliment or an insult? I know I'm small but did I have the look of a leprechaun about me? And the teacher who said it is Welsh, so it's not as if she saw me as a kindred spirit. And before you ask, I can assure you that I was NOT doing Riverdance round the staff room either.  So anyway, here I am, not being Irish, sharing my Month in Numbers as part of Julie's meme
January has not been the best month, with post-Christmas slumps, the numbers on the scales looking a little higher than they did in December, and oh my goodness, it seemed to take a very long time for payday to come round again.  So, in an effort to get everyone in a good frame of mind for surviving a VERY LONG month let me share my absolute, most favourite song at the moment.


Everyone feeling upbeat now?  Those of  us looking and feeling Irish Riverdancing around the lounge?  Good, let's get down to the numbers ...
We had one lovely Christening this month. My great nephew was the star of the show and despite everyone's predictions, not one tear was shed. He looked pretty bemused when he ended up having a bit of a hair wash in the middle of the church but nothing that a whole bag of few chocolate buttons didn't put right afterwards.
We had a birthday too.  Just the one. But quite a big one, I think you'll agree. My mother in law celebrated 87 years; quite an achievement.  An on the subject of old ladies (ahem) I passed my driving test 38 years ago today. Let's not dwell on that length of time. 
The local river turned into a huge bubble bath this month.  Really.  Honestly, I know it's hard to believe but it's true. A mild chemical spillage in the local river meant there was a 16ft high wall of foam along the riverbank. I guess we now officially have the cleanest, shiniest fish in Hertfordshire. I can tell you can't believe me so check out the report of it in the local paper!
I've been busy sewing and I now have all 20 blocks ready for my quilt. Now if someone could just tell me how to join them together I'll be very happy. I've got to that 'really want to get it finished' stage. Swiftly followed by the 'Help! someone tell me what to do next' stage.
At school, we used to all bring in a cake on our individual birthdays but this ended up with us having cake almost every other week (I didn't see this as a problem but some other people did) and so now, once every half term the people who have birthdays in those 6 weeks get together and we have cakes on one day.  This week we had the choice of baked cheesecake, carrot cake, coffee cake, chocolate cake or fresh fruit skewers.  Over the course of two days I think I may have managed to try a tiny little bit of all 5 items (there was enough cake for a second round of 'left overs' the next day!) 
Now Julie suggested that the communal count should be the price of bread.  Which should be easy, right? But we're not huge bread eaters here. I do have a bread maker and have phases where I use it regularly at weekends but on the whole we rarely eat a whole loaf during the week.  So we tend to buy one of those small sized whole meal loaves, the ones that cost about 85p. Now, how many 'new' things did I try?  Well.  I tried some new recipes - the most requested 'please make that again' one was biscotti.  But I also found a great oven baked risotto recipe that does away with all that stirring and adding a spoonful of stock every five minutes. The other thing I tried was a sports therapy massage.  Don't be taken in by the relaxing sound of the word 'massage'. My goodness there were moments when it was pretty painful.  Apparently my knee problem isn't in my knee, but the muscles that go down the back of the knee from the thigh to the calf.  We discovered this when the answer to 'does this hurt?' as she pressed and prodded all around my knee changed from 'no' to 'aaaarghhhh'. Hopefully the pain I went through over the following 90 mins will mean that it gradually gets better now.  Watch this space!


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Ooh I feel your pain Deb, having had a similar experience at the hands of an osteopath after a car accident. She did make me better though so fingers crossed. I smiled at you having learned to drive 38 years ago, I was a late starter and passed my test at 38!

Sian said...

Looking very Irish? and you weren't eating Guinness crisps at the time??!

Linda said...

Great post! Made me smile, especially all those cakes, YUM! I've done my first Month in Numbers post today:) Oh, and I love, love, love that song too:):)

Louise said...

its no fun when something hurts..hope you get that knee sorted. Lovely numbers x

Julie Kirk said...

Oh Deb - I could write an essay in reply to this!

My Mum sister and I were once asked if we were Irish when we went to a Tai Chi class, by the instructor who said, with our dark hair / pale skin, we just looked it.

Then there's how disappointed I am that there's no photo of you enjoying the impromptu outdoor spa in your town ... ;-)

And the sports massage ... I've been thinking of booking one for a while - as a preventative measure [suggested by my osteopath] ... now I'm a bit scared! [p.s: the vertigo has hopefully left me alone - I've had a few good days so far].

And my friends suggested something similar - having a joint birthday once a year .... but to me that just reduces the good excuses to go out and eat throughout the year!

Oh and thanks for that video - although it was tricky for me to type this while I was clapping along 'cos I'm happpyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

It's lovely to see you keeping-up the counting with me this year Deb - you're on the board now:

Happy February to you and yours.

Julie x

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I recently had a therapy massage for my hip. Oh goodness that was painful yet good, yet no really, painful but good. Then I was sore for hours but my hip felt much better after that. Hope you knee is feeling better.

Beverly said...

Thanks for the video! That wall of foam is spectacular, can't imagine having that by your garden. I had a sports massage once and was not a fan. Massages tend to make me nauseous and give me a headache...possibly a release of the toxins but not something I feel the need to pay for lol

Jules said...

Oh my goodness your quilt blocks are cute! :) Yeah!

I'm back to my massage therapist since December and it helps so much. I go every other week. Will you be going back? I hope you feel better soon.

I have no idea the day I got my driver's license so it amusing me that you know the date. I suppose with a bit of digging and finding an old calender I could figure it out. If it helps you any, it will be 35 yrs this summer for me. I drive on the opposite side of the road than you do. :D

alexa said...

Loved the video (though I've now got it stuck in my head!) and those little ones are great movers, aren't they! Your numbers - so amusingly written - I have much enjoyed. I'd been thinking about a sports massage but am not sure if it wouldn't be a dubious pleasure! Hoping you'll be better soon.

Karen said...

Love this post and the video but how do you feel like a room without a roof? - I would have thought that would not be a happy moment with the rain we have been having.

Alison said...

Fun post, Deb...This song doesn't seem to have made it to Spain-I certainly haven't heard it! TFS!
Alison xx