Wednesday, 30 April 2014

My Month in Numbers - April

You see that whirlwind that wooshed past you on your way in?  That hurricane that almost knocked you off your feet as you walked up the path?  That was April.  It went by in a flash didn't it?  I decided to use the Tagxedo programme to make a shape out of my blog posts for the month and this is what it came up with
Let's see what it picked out, sewing, fabric, crochet, dog, photo, quilt.  Yes, that seem to have summed it up fairly well but let's get down to the nitty gritty.
Just a moment while my trusty secretary gets into position to type for me and we'll be good to go.
OK, she's ready - Let's start with a lovely surprise one:
  • 25 - the number of pounds I won on the Premium Bonds.  That was a good number to record.  {note from typist - you'd have thought they could have bought me a new collar or something with that new found wealth wouldn't you?}
  • Talking of records CDs.  There were 3 CDs in the Trevor Nelson collection that I bought.  There are so many great tracks on this collection and it is getting much airplay as I drive to work in the mornings.  If you're ever in the car in front of me and you see me in your rear view mirror singing along at the top of my voice, this is probably what I'm joining in with. {note from typist - I've been in that car with her, and all I'm saying is that she won't be joining any choir anytime soon} 
  • 2 - the number of weeks holiday I had for the school Easter break. {note from typist - lovely to have the humans around to tend to my every need for two weeks.  I think it's time for her to retire to be my full time carer} 
  • Factor 15 - the SPF of the suncream I needed whilst sitting in the garden during those Easter Holidays. And if anyone was wondering, suncream on your legs is irresistable to Cavapoos.  {note from typist - I can't help myself it smells AMAZING}
  • 18 people commented on my 1000th blog post.  I still can't believe I have posted so many.  I remember starting my blog and wondering if I'd ever actually use it - if only I could have known how many blog friends it would bring into my life. {note from typist - I wasn't around for the first few years but all those blog posts have done wonders for my typing skills}
  • 5 days of antibiotics for the dog.  She is a monster for picking things up on her walks and munching on them.  Goodness only knows what she had eaten that made her tummy rebel.  I think she does it on purpose to get lots of attention and not to mention home cooked chicken/rice/pasta/fish.  {note from typist - Uh oh, I've been rumbled}
  • 1 quilt made as a runner for my bed.  72 squares of fabric in total. {note from typist - runner for their bed!  Oh they crack me up.  It's not their bed, it's mine and it was so nice of her to make me a new quilt to lay on} 
  • 3 the number of granny squares I have finished. There's a fair few I've also started but NOT finished due to tension issues but let's ignore those for a while. Tension as in loose stitches followed by tight stitches as opposed to tension as in 'grrrr I can't do this' tension.  Although, to be fair, there was a bit of that before I realised US instructions are different to UK ones. {note from typist - she was a bit tense, trust me.  And yelling at the youtube lady to slow down or hang on is ridiculous, just press the pause button. Humans eh?}
So here is the month in pictures, and whilst we watch April disappearing over the horizon, let's pop over to Julie's to read about what happened to her in April. {note from typist - no, let's celebrate the end of the month with some chicken and a couple of gravy bones}


Sian said...

Old age, old age, it's a terrible thing...I just went back to double check I had congratulated you on an amazing 1000 posts. I thought I had, but had a brief moment of panic that I had missed this momentous occasion!

I had good fun picking out all the words in your star. You've been a bit of a crafting machine this month, haven't you?

Karen said...

Very impressed with Coco's typing skills! What a lot you have done in the month!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

What a busy month! Sounds like you had a lot going on. Congrats on the cash win!

Maria Ontiveros said...

You were the one who turned me on to connect. I love it. Do you just take a screen shot to capture the whole month or is there something different? I agree that April really has flown by (and I have to say I'm happy it's over).

Amy said...

I seem to have missed the 1000th blog post???? I'd better go back and have a good look ... have you really been talking that much?! ;)

SPF 15+ is used a lot here, actually, we now have 30+ as the minimum ... not using it a whole lot right now though!

Ruth said...

Great secretary you have there!!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

You have a very cute secretary! Lots of crafty numbers there, which is always a good thing in my book. I have a feeling there may be a number of quilt squares in next month's round up :o)

Linda said...

I'm in love with your secretary:) He is gorgeous! Good luck with the crotchet, I am having fun with my squares, and getting better with my tension with all the practise! Looking forward to seeing all the quilt squares.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I always enjoy your month in numbers posts, Deb, but this one is particularly fun. LOVE the added commentary from your adorable typist! :o)