Friday 23 May 2014

Girls weekend

I'm hoping that it's going to be a quiet, relaxing weekend over here in Deb's World.
You see, it's just me and the dog here.  With a daughter in Portugal and a son and husband walking part of Hadrian's Wall, me and Coco are left to our own devices.  'Are you sure you'll be ok on your own?' asked the husband. 'Oh, Mum, I don't like to think of you there on your own.' said the daughter. It did not take much to sound convincing when I said that I was, actually, quite looking forward to it! 
We have plans, of course we do.  Favourite meals, favourite drinks, reading in bed as long as we want, total control of tv programmes, sewing, cooking ... why would anyone think we weren't looking forward to it? 
My one concern is the furry company that I have.  She's a creature of habit.  She does not like change and she's a stickler for routines.  Which is a shame because my husband takes her for much longer walks than I do so I know she won't be impressed by the routes I have planned which are shorter than normal.  The other thing is, and I wonder if any other dog owners have experienced this, she's been know to 'howl' in her sleep occasionally. It's weird but both times she's done it have been when my husband has been away.  And it's such a spooky noise.  She's fast asleep, and she just throws back her head and howls like a wolf.  If she does it this weekend, she's in big trouble and he will never be allowed to go away again because it is scary! So, rule one: no howling.
Now I have a confession to make and I know that once I have put it out here on my blog I will have to follow through and deal with it.  You see, whilst not massively overweight, my weight is slowly creeping back to what it was when I started going to Rosemary Conley classes years ago.  Inspired by my friend who has lost 3 stone (Yes, THREE stone - she's been such a good girl) I have decided to join Slimming World this week.  It's half term, and I can go to a daytime class to start with.  I can have my weekend of favourite foods and drinks before I have to step away from the chocolate.  So there it is.  Eeek - now I have to go or you will all know!  I only want to lose about half a stone but I need a bit of inspiration as I have gradually crept up to 9 stone and at 5ft 1in that's about my limit.  So, wish me luck, and I will keep you informed.
I'm planning to get the next quilt square made for the friendship quilt (whilst still stalking the postman for my own squares!) and with no husband around to moan about sewing machines on dining room tables and fabric off cuts all over the place - maybe I'll even get the one that is due after that too!
I am also ticking off the days for Rinda to announce the photos we need to find for the Scavenger Hunt this year.  So maybe I'll use the weekend to sort out how I'm going to save them this year.  In the last couple of years I've made a small album to display them so I need to get my thinking cap back on. 
So who knows, this weekend could also see the return of the scrapbooking supplies!
It's Bank holiday here in the UK so a nice long weekend.  And for those of us who work in schools, that's followed by a week of half term holiday.  Hope you all have a good weekend too. 


scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend you have planned.I'm off for a girlie week in Cyprus.....can't wait.
I've been going to SW for a few months now and highly recommend it.
Not only does Stella howl in her sleep...she does it when she's awake too...this morning I rushed into the kitchen to see why she was find the cat eating her breakfast....while Stella just watched her doing it!!!

Ruth said...

Sounds like a lovely set of plans for your weekend!
Re the dog howling thing; be glad she only does it occasionally. Our pooch howls, barks, suckles, twitches and runs in his sleep pretty much every day! And the funny thing is that he never makes a noise when he is awake!

Anonymous said...

Kiera whimpers in her sleep and I have to wake her up because I hate to think she is having a bad dream! Hooooooraaaaaay for the chance that you might be getting out your paper and glue again x

alexa said...

Time and a house to oneself - what could be nicer for a Bank Holiday weekend! (Howling aside). Hoping you have a lovely time with all that fabric and colour and shape - oh, and good luck with the new regime. I am sure I will not be the only one cheering you on :).

Sian said...

Best of luck with the slimming! If you were round here I'd be trying to persuade you to come to Pilates too

This is the bank Holiday we don't really get - school is open, there is work to go to, but some of the shops shut and there is no post

Amy said...

I hope you had a lovely weekend Deb and that the howling was kept to a minimum. I'll also add in my best wishes for the new regime, there is nothing worse that feeling off about shape and weight - you're taking a step in the right direction by the sounds of things.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I hope your weekend went as planned. I, too, enjoy spending time with just me and the animals every now and then.