Monday 19 May 2014

Stortford's got talent

Firstly I need to give a big shout out to a local boy who is destined for good things!  You may never have heard of him before but trust me, you will have heard some of the songs he has written.  One Direction's 'Best song ever' and The Wanted's 'All time low'.  Now he's hoping to be known for singing his own songs and this weekend performed on Britain's Got Talent

I really wish him all the best, he clearly does have talent so fingers crossed.

Another local(ish) guy who is doing well is Sam Smith who went to school here although comes from one of the neighbouring villages.  He was on the Graham Norton show this week and is touring the country at some BIG venues.  When you think how many people are out there hoping to make it big, it's so good to hear of local successes.

But of course the talent that I'm so proud of is my friend from work - as from tomorrow her book will be on sale in UK, US and Canada.  Each one looking a bit different
 Apparently book cover styles vary quite dramatically around the world and what has shelf appeal in the UK wouldn't be chosen in the US.  Who knew?
 And how cool are the page edges in the Canadian edition?  I have never seen that before.  See the edges of the cover, with the little flaps so you can bookmark where you are up to?  How clever.  Whilst I have several bookmarks, I guarantee I can never find one when I want it and end up using old receipts to mark where I am up to.  Do you ever fold down the corner of the page you are on?  I really don't like that, I have to find something, anything, to put into the book!
So even though my namesake in the book is 'overly chatty' with 'quite a thing for younger men' I love that I am in the book and touched that I am included in the acknowledgements
So when these three are all rich and famous, remember, you heard it here first!



Sian said...

Chatty? Now, who'd have thought it..

It's very cool to see the different covers together. I think the one on the far right is the one I'd be reaching out for first

Amy said...

This is just great Deb - how exciting to have all these connections.
A girlfriend of mine is a well known actress here and recently she was featured in a glossy magazine article ... what she didn't tell any of us was that she let them publish a photo of a group of us from when we were ten! Sigh .... luckily it was a very small photo!

alexa said...

What a trio of successes :) and lovely to hear about talent in the making. I like the far right book cover too ... Many congratulations to your friend, and how lovely that you feature!

Anonymous said...

How great to hear of local talent, seems like the ones we have are all sports-related (including one of our neighbours). It will be interesting to see which cover we get in Canada. I've always removed the book cover while I'm reading the book so that it doesn't get torn etc. and use a bookmark so it's interesting to hear what you thought of them.

Alison said...

I know that covers are often different, but didn't realise that titles differed too!
Alison xx

Denise said...

Story ford also has a very talented sewing lady who us learning to crochet - fab that your friend is doing so well with her books xx

ally said...

Congrats to your friend on being published. I'm also voting for Ed on bgt