Tuesday 1 July 2014

My Month in Numbers - Making a positive out of a negative edition

Or alternatively, things I didn't do in June. 
  • The lady in charge of the Slimming World group was as pleased as I was that I didn't put on any weight. In fact I lost 4 1/2 lbs. and yet I still seem to be eating as much as I ever did. Strange.
  • I didn't have to wear any sun cream on our visit to Edinburgh. We travelled 376 miles (took an hour on Easyjet) to spend 3 days in bonny Scotland with our friends. The weather was mixed to say the least. 
  • I didn't pick any winning teams in World Cup sweepstakes. Spain was the first team out, Ghana weren't far behind them and I never had much confidence in South Korea brining home the cup.  I blame the lady in charge of the school kitchen. Every day she made World Cup biscuits, and every time I bought one, my team lost.
  • I didn't receive all my blocks for the friendship quilt project, but I did receive 7 beautiful squares, and sent 1 off in return to the next person on the list.
  • I had 70 books delivered to school; school prizes to be handed out at Awards Evening in July. Each one has to have a personalised book mark and fancy book plate stuck into a front page. I didn't spill any coffee over any of them, nor did I put the wrong label in the wrong book. (I hope) It's a good job I don't have long legs as I now have 7 of these boxes under my desk 
  • I didn't get every picture on Rinda's Scavenger Hunt list but I have found 12. I now know which ones are going to be more difficult than others, how do you get an unplanned photobomb?! And why is sunrise so early over here?
Counting up your month in numbers is the brainchild of Julie Kirk - pop over there to discover where WW1 nurses bought their uniform, how many miles she has jogged in her new trainers, and how far a number 9 snail moves in a year. 


Sian said...

Ooh, those school prizes look very exciting! A clever twist on Month In Numbers this time round

Alison said...

Well done on the weight loss Deb..and I agree with Sian about the prizes!
Alison xx

Amy said...

Spain saved their best for playing us .... though we may not have been the toughest of opponents!

Julie Kirk said...

Brilliant spin on your numbers - I love it when someone adapts the idea to make it their own. I must try to note down some 'negative' numbers sometime now!

I'm feeling behind in the hunt too. I think I was further ahead this time last year. I know exactly what you mean about the photobomb too [although I *might* just have found mine - I'll pop it on my blog next week].

How nice to have lost weight without stopping eating [that would have been a terrible negative for your month! Especially with all those World Cup Cakes on offer].

Thanks for joining me again - I love having your company - your June is pinned to the Month in Numbers board with the other counter-uppers now: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

Here's to a happy July!

Julie :-)

Hazel A.. said...

Great MinN Deb! My June was pretty much "didn't do's" too but in the end, you see, stuff does add up! This meme of Julie's is such fun! Have a great July!

Maria Ontiveros said...

GReat job on the weight loss!