Thursday, 7 August 2014

Caccia al tesoro (aka Scavenger Hunt in Italian)

Buongiorno! We returned from Lake Garda yesterday and the suitcases are unpacked, the washing machine is on its third batch of washing, the first lot is dry and the second is on the washing line drying.  I've been to Waitrose to fill up the fridge and have planned what I'll be cooking for dinner tonight.  The holiday is well and truly over!
I'm a little late to the party in linking up to this month's Scavenger Hunt update but am pleased to say that I ticked a few more off my list, and found duplicates that I may prefer to a few of the ones I had already found closer to home.
Without further ado ... I knew finding a group of tourists would be easy and here they are disembarking the ferry at Bardalino, the next resort along from Garda.
The rural landscape in Italy is so pretty, just look at these vineyards
The lamp posts are pretty too
The waterfall that we found in an area where the river runs through the town to the lake wasn't as dramatic as the one we found in Edinburgh though.
The painted bus was almost identical to the one we found in Edinburgh.  I'm wondering if you can find them all over the world!
Of course, a rack of postcards was never going to be a problem in a tourist destination

And you should have seen the delights inside this bakery

A double instruction on this sign

What little bird wouldn't want to live in this birdhouse (just in case I don't find that parade I'm searching for!)
But the one I least expected to find in Italy and the one I was most excited to find, was this little fellow (with his own little waterfall) inside the courtyard of a restaurant.
 I've still got a few to go.  I need to wait until sunrise is a little later in the morning and I'm not sure when  photobomber is going to appear, but I'm keeping my eyes peeled!


Beverly said...

Wow, you ticked off quite a few! The gnome reminds me of the movie Gnomeo and Juliet and no, you don't need to watch it lol

alexa said...

Beautiful photos! You have been in lovely places. And what a characterful gnome - I like his wide awake look!

scrappyjacky said...

Love the gnome with his own private waterfall.

Ruth said...

A great set of finds ~ I really like the lamp post shot.

Alison said...

I think you're right about the tour buses!...great collection of pics!
Alison xx

Cheri said...

You've got a Lot! I'm never going to find a gnome around here.

Cheri said...

P.S. Thanks for the postcard in Sian's swap. Loved the peek into your corner of the world. My blog post with all my postcards goes live tomorrow.

Sian said...

Oh that holiday washing! (always a bonus if you can get it on the line outside I think)
Your photos are beautiful and give us such a great idea of the lovely places you have seen

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Love the bus & the lamppost!