Monday 30 March 2015

Me on Monday - 30 March

There is an old proverb which goes along the lines of 'you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs' - in other words, in order to achieve something it's inevitable that something gets destroyed.  So let's call the tidying and reorganising of the study my weekend omelette and the chaos and clutter that has been made by decluttering is definitely my broken eggs. 'Let's get rid of that old bookcase' says my husband, 'let's get something lower and more streamlined, it will make the room look bigger and anyway (wait for it) that bookcase is only full of your old things we never look at.'  Ahem.  That bookcase is/was full of a lot of my things with one whole shelf dedicated to scrapbooking albums, books that I have read but don't want to get rid of, the kids' school record files and assorted maps and tourist guides of places we have been.  The shelf that he claims responsibility for is full of files of paperwork, bank details and that like.  So of course everything had to be removed from the shelves and that means that the floors of the study and the landing outside it are now covered in piles of 'rubbish', 'recycling', 'charity shop' and 'to go in the new storage unit' (yet to be bought, so that could be there a while!)  What a load of random things we've found tucked away in between all the books and albums.  Most of which, I do have to begrudgingly agree, is rubbish - and a lifetime's supply of jiffy bags that are obviously too good to throw away and can be reused.  Seriously, if you ever see me in the newsagents buying a new padded envelope, drag me away and give me a good talking to.  I've found a new place for the albums, been ruthless about the books, and found a new home for school days mementoes.  Files of paperwork have been rehomed in an existing cupboard and it's been a good project - apart from the mess that it has caused!
It's been the first weekend of it being just the two of us, with Rachel moved into her new home.  It's been a weekend of tidying and clearing and following the arrival of a quote for a new kitchen, a weekend of planning and choosing and decisions.  Brochure browsing (so many brochures!), perusing Pinterest, and sourcing sinks.  Worktop wondering, colour choosing and trying not to think about how much it will cost! 
 So here we are at Monday again,

 Popping into Waitrose on the way home from work
And ...
Realising I hadn't changed the clock in my car when we went to British summertime yesterday

 This time I managed to remember how do it without going back to the car dealership for help! The year before that I drove around for 6 months with the wrong time showing as I couldn't work out how to change it and it seemed easier to just spend 6 months waiting for it to change back again! 
Me on Monday as suggested by Sian


Ruth said...

Funny how it always seems like a good idea at the time ... or not, as the case may be!

alexa said...

I smiled about the car clock. Himself never bothers to change the time, I think more on principle! What a busy weekend, but it sounds as if it has been productive. Funny how things shift and move when the occupants change, isn't it.

helena said...

I like the idea of an omelette weekend - always interesting what is lurking between books

Sian said...

I'm hopeless at changing my clock. Some seasons I try to ignore it and some seasons I eventually give in and ask for help. So I'm admiring your picture!

And I'm smiling about the jiffy bags. I have a big collection which has ended up in the same cupboard as my slow cooker. Every time I pull out the cooker, all the bags fall out..

Have a great week mulling over your new kitchen plans

Maria Ontiveros said...

The key to an omelette project is completing the cooking and cleaning up the mess. My children sometimes start this sort of project and are very enthusiastic about taking evrything apart, sorting, and making a mess. . . but then lose interest before the room is reconfigured and made to look presentable!

Alison said...

I was very pleased with myself too for remembering how to change my car clock too! Xx

Anonymous said...

That sounds a lot like our past week working away at the computer room but with it being only me doing it it's taking a lot longer than planned. Oh I can so relate to the car clock thing. I like your solution just leave it till time changes again. :)