Monday 20 July 2015

Me on Monday - the one that involves an ice pack

Even though she isn't around to wave back, I'm giving a big Monday wave to Sian just to let her know that we are keeping Me on Monday going in her absence.
My Monday started off well, even though I found myself in a dilemma.  Actually I found myself in the middle of the Aged 9 - 12 section of Waterstones trying to choose a book for my nephew's daughter's birthday.   
I didn't actually buy this one because although it ticked a few of the boxes for a fashion conscious 9 year old, I thought it was a little bit too 'grown up' for her.  However, by the time I had found one that I thought was right, more people had arrived and the opportunity for doing a 'selfie' had passed.  Of course I couldn't leave Waterstones without a couple of books for myself, I mean come one, there was an omen as soon as I walked in.  A huge sign saying 'buy one get one half price'.  Oh, go on then.
So it was going well at that point.  Holiday books sorted, birthday present sorted, I'd browsed round the Next sale and come out empty handed, and I headed into Sainsburys to get some food for the next few days.  Paid for my shopping, went out the shop, down the travelator to the car park level, through the sliding doors ... when suddenly the trolley wheel got caught on the small ramp that covers the join where the stair well ends and the car park begins.  The trolley came to an abrupt halt and my foot kept moving forwards.  Ouch!  I caught my little toe on the metal of the wheel and boy did it hurt.  But you know how when something like that happens and you find yourself thinking oh my goodness that is agony but I have to keep walking as if nothing has happened?  So whilst I wanted to shout out 'my toe, my toe, I think I've broken my toe' I bravely limped my way back to the car. 
You know in cartoons when someone hurts themselves and that part of their body swells to 10 times its normal size, turns bright red and throbs?  Well that is what it felt like driving home.  In fact it was a bit disappointing to see when I got home and took my shoe off, as it just looked a bit puffy and bright red.  In fact in this photo, you can't even really see any difference

But after resting it on an ice block for half an hour the bruising has really come out and the toe is twice its normal size and absolutely black with bruising underneath.  There's not much sympathy coming my way from Coco.
Did you have a good weekend?  The weather here was better than forecast which is always a bonus.  The weekend started on Friday with an Indian meal with friends to celebrate one of our group taking early retirement.  Although I've seen the list of jobs his wife has in store for him and he may be begging to go back to work when he realises it's not going to be all reading the newspapers and overdosing on Sky Sports.
Working in a school, I never seem to get my brain into holiday mode until we've actually broken up and every year I find myself in a flat panic because I've left everything to the last minute.  Aha!  Not this year!  On Saturday I started on my lists.  Oh there are many, many lists involved in going away so it was a good time to start.  We're flying with Ryanair so I went online and did my checking in, even printed off my boarding passes.  Must remember to keep them somewhere safe and not forget to take them to the airport with us.  I even ordered my currency.  Sainsburys were doing a good rate and if you link your nectar card you get a preferential rate AND nectar points for the purchase.  Result!  Then it was time to start the packing list.  Now all I need to do is remember where I've put the beach wear from last year so that I can make sure it all still fits!
Yesterday was a relaxing day, in fact I don't really have much to show for the day!  Which, I guess is what Sundays are all about.
Hope you are having a good Monday - I only have 2 more days to work and then I'm free until September 1st - Oh the joys of working in a school!



Ruth said...

Sorry about your toe ~ do hope it (and you) is/are feeling much better!

Anonymous said...

Oh poor you Deb. I hope your toe gets better soon. I know it can be really painful when something like that happens x

Lou said...

ouch, sounds painful. Hope it's on the mend soon enough

scrappyjacky said... hope the toe soon recovers....I've had a broken toe and know how painful it is.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Ouch! I think there are lots and lots of us waving to the traveling Sian today.

Alison said...

Having had a broken toe (same one each time) three times now, I know how painful it is......hope you're feeling better by now! Xx

Sian said...

OOh..that sounds so sore. I know exactly what you mean..I bumped down a flight of stairs once and then had to hobble back into the room and pretend to everyone that absolutely nothing had happened..

It's so lovely to get back and find you Monday-ers still waving :) I'm happy to be able to give a huge wave back over the top of our pile of holiday unpacking!

alexa said...

Ow! That sounds miserable :(. Has it improved by now? Hoping the pain is much less ... and that you are enjoying preparing for your school-free summer!