Sunday 23 August 2015

Me on a Birthday Monday

29 years ago I met this young lady for the first time
Two weeks earlier than expected and weighing in at 5lb 10oz, a tiny bundle of loveliness. She arrived dramatically, wrong way up, back to front, emergency surgery - a drama queen from Day One!  Where did those twenty nine years go? 
We started the celebrations early and had a pre-birthday dinner on Friday night. Our son and his girlfriend are looking after someone's dog at the moment so he came with them on the train. We wondered how Coco would react to another dog in her house, especially as he was staying overnight but it worked out very well.

Saturday was scorchio! Riverside walks, lawn mowing and talking my husband into cooking crab linguine for dinner.  
It was a good job we made the most of Saturday's sunshine as the good old British weather was as predictable as ever by being totally unpredictable on Sunday.  Mid morning we were sitting outside in the sunshine reading the Sunday papers, drinking coffee (the humans) and sunbathing on the cushions of the patio sofa (the dog).  Lunchtime I had to leave my dinner half way through to run out to the garden to bring in the cushions and quilt because it was torrential rain.  Then two hours later and I was dog-walking in the sunshine.  Crazy weather. 
So - What am I doing today? Celebrating my daughter's birthday of course!  She has a day off work.  It was the first time ever she was going to have to work on her birthday.  When she was young, it was always in the school Summer Holidays, same thing when she was at uni, then it fell on either a weekend or a Bank Holiday Monday but this year ... no such luck.  And she couldn't possibly go into work on her special day could she? 
So here I am, Me on Monday having lunch with my girl


Sian said...

..and hasn't she turned out beautifully! Happy Birthday to her

It's funny how the memories all come rushing back isn't it? TSO was wrong way up too ..always doing things her own way.

Have a great week!

Patio Postcards said...

What a great way to spend a Sunday - with your daughter & happy belated birthday to her.

Barbara said...

Happy birthday to your daughter, the weather was very changeable at the weekend wasn't it? I am pleased for you that the dogs were ok together.

Sandra said...

No better Monday than time spent celebrating. Wishing her a very happy birthday xxx

helena said...

what a lovely weekend and a lovely smiling birthday girl with her proud mum

Lou said...

how lovely you get to spend your daughters birthday with her. Hope she had a good day x