Monday 18 September 2017

The signs are there

It's coming.  The clues are all around us.  On entering our local Tesco at the weekend, we immediately saw a mountain of selection tins of chocolates - begging us to take them home.  What is it about selection tins that you don't think of at other times of year?  They are a sure sign that Christmas is (according the the shops) on its way. 

 Of course with 2 tins on offer for £7 we kindly liberated a couple of tins and have given them a good home.  Hidden away in the spare bedroom to keep us away from temptation.  Because I know that the minute that seal is opened, just one little chocolate covered fudge will never be enough and I'll be back in Tesco buying more.  Those damn marketing people know me so well ...

So what else has happened since we last met? Well, I  did get going on the binding on the quilt.  It's not quite finished because as soon as I pick it up to do the hand stitching in the evenings and lay it on my lap, Coco appears, jumps up and makes herself comfortable on it.

The growth mindset sentence of the week at work is

"Embrace challenge; persist in the face of setbacks.”

My greatest challenge this weekend?  It was the first Fitsteps exercise class of the new term after 6 weeks summer break.  Turns out going for long dog walks doesn't keep you quite as fit as a full on dance class.  Setbacks?  Could not remember any of the routines all the way through so ended up facing in the wrong direction more than once.  But persistence pays off and we all ended the class on a high note.

Have a good week!


Patio Postcards said...

I like that quote & I think I will print it out for my desk this week. I've also discovered that getting in 10,000 steps is not enough for complete fitness, so I'm there with you, to fitness classes. (a slight groaned just slipped out).

No I cannot even have those wonderful delicious sweet temptations in the house, they call to me all hours of the day & night. Resistance is futile!

Barbara Eads said...

I'm a sucker for chocolate! I can't have it in the house. I did get a big bag recently, telling myself that I'll use it for Halloween. Who am I kidding? I've had several pieces every day!

Ruth said...

I think our local Tesco has had 100s of sweet tins for months, or at least it feels like months! I like that quotation as well, so much so I'm going to write it down as soon as I've finished typing this comment!

Jane said...

this made me smile, I've just been in Tesco's doing the same. I'll only buy the tins when they are on deal!

alexa said...

Please don't tell me the 'C' word is in evidence - we've not have Hallowe'en yet! Thank-you for this great quote - I'm another who needs to have this prominently displayed. Well done on the dance class!