Friday 29 September 2017

End of the hunt

It's time for the big reveal!  The final photos for the Scavenger Hunt organised by Mary-Lou are ready to be shown.  I've already shared quite a few on the list, you can see them  here and here.  So what was left to capture?

No 2 - Bubbles

No 6
A Pipe - actually a whole shop full of pipes.  A lucky find last week when we were in Rome.

No 7
Inside - The Colosseum 

No 12 - I know I've already done this one but we have had 3 wedding celebrations this summer so I can't use one and not the others!

The legal ceremony and then a week later, the big celebration for friends and family.

No 13 - a replacement for the one I already used - how could I not use this one taken in the Vatican City?

No 16 - OK I know he isn't officially a baby any more but he's our 'baby' of the family so I'm using artistic licence to claim this one!

And finally 
No 20 Something found underground.  I'm not that impressed by what I found for this one but I refused to be beaten so here are some radishes from the garden.

It's been fun joining in this hunt - and hope that Mary-Lou is already thinking of things to add to the list for next year!


Ruth said...

Some creative thinking going on there! Great finds!

Patio Postcards said...

Thanks Deb for playing along. You had some great finds. Artist license is always a good thing. Next year's list?!!!! I don't even want to go there (yet). But never say never ...

Maggie said...

I'm all for a bit of poetic license and interpreting the prompts in imaginative ways. That's half the fun. Lovely set of pictures and great you had your Rome trip to provide some spectacular ones... Dome , bubbles etc

Karen said...

Lovely set of photos. You were very lucky to have a choice of wedding celebrations to include.

alexa said...

You've had a very busy time with the wedding, so I am in awe that you managed to find so many photos too. I like the 'baby' one in particular, and your radishes are a little flash of inspiration - I think I'd have been stuck for this!

Leslie Roberts Clingan said...

Great fun! I have created two Instagram photo challenges for myself and a couple of other gals who have joined the fun. Maybe I will do another one for late fall. You really start looking at the world more carefully when you are participating in something like this.