Monday, 30 October 2017

Accidentally walking in a winter wonderland

We went shopping for spring flowering bulbs this morning.  Ended up in a Christmas grotto at the garden centre and bought a couple of new tree decorations.  So much for 'not buying anything towards Christmas until at least November.'
 But that's it for now - not one card or roll of wrapping will find itself in my shopping basket for at least a couple of days 😉

At the weekend our paper included this supplement

Do you listen to podcasts?  My son introduced them to me a while ago when 'Serial' was top of the charts.  I like a true crime story, especially one that isn't straightforward.  I was hooked.  Then last year I listened to 'S-Town' which certainly took some odd twists and turns.  I kind of forgot to download any after that, until I had a phase of having trouble getting off to sleep at nights.  I didn't want to disturb P by having a light on to read so I thought I would try listening to something through headphones instead.  

I discovered that some radio programmes do a podcast version and I've got hooked. It's nothing heavy - in fact a couple of them ensure that it is not a reading light that keeps P awake, but me chuckling to myself - he of course can't hear what is making me laugh as I've got headphones on and apparently it can be quite annoying to wonder what on earth I'm laughing about.  But I have to say it is a great way to fall asleep (I quite often have to listen to the same podcast a couple of times as I am so relaxed I fall asleep before the end of it and have to rewind to hear the second half!)

My podcast lists are a real mix of genres 

Since reading the Sunday supplement I've downloaded 'Dirty John' and I think it's going to be a good one!  Anyone else out there a podcast fan?  I'd welcome any good suggestions!


Patio Postcards said...

What a happy chance discovery of the Christmas Grotto. Once Halloween is over the stores really get into the Christmas (shopping) spirit. I need to go early for the best selection on tree ornaments as that is something my friends & I exchange, something for our trees.

I tried a few podcasts & I agree listening to someone tell me a story is a great way to fall asleep. My favourite for that is an Canadian story telling icon, who sadly passed away earlier this year, Stuart McLean. ... Mary-Lou

Maggie said...

I listen to a lot of Audio books particularly when I am cooking. Keeps my mind occupied!

Ruth said...

Christmas really is everywhere, isn't it?! I like the idea of a podcast at bedtime, but I'd worry about strangling myself with the headphones cable ...
In the evenings, after supper, we are listening to the audio version of the Harry Potter books (again); Stephen Fry is excellent at all the different voices.

alexa said...

I keep meaning to try podcasts - but my stack of unread books is already so tall :(. How nice to have found something which is so relaxing at the end of the day.