Monday 26 November 2018

Me on Monday

The physically and mentally exhausted edition

Well, what a difference a week makes!  Baby Rosie arrived as planned on Wednesday and we are all of the same opinion that she is absolutely gorgeous (we may be a little biased). 👶

They were discharged from hospital on Friday afternoon and are now at home getting used to the dynamics of their new little family.  I've found myself uttering comments that are the kind of thing my mum would have said, and the sentences start with 'when I had you, they kept me in for five days' and I do honestly feel that after a caesarean, 48 hours in hospital is a little too short a stay.    

Leo was definitely missing his mum and dad and was so excited to see them again.  We ended up having him to stay for four days and after dropping him back off at his home, we just collapsed in armchairs - toddler watching is hard work!  I've been doing various bits of shopping for them so they don't have to venture out and dropped off a full roast dinner at lunchtime so that they didn't have to worry about cooking.  R's husband has this week off work and will be doing all the running around - he has the delights of pre-school today and will be taking part in his first 'wiggle wiggle' class on Friday.  I think he's just beginning to realise that staying home looking after a small child is harder work than he thought!

Little Rosie arrived weighing just 5lb 4oz so is only just filling out the 'tiny baby' sized clothes but hopefully she will catch up - let's not forget, she shouldn't really be born for another 3 weeks!  Today while Leo and his dad are at pre-school I am going to keep Rachel company as Rosie was born with 'tongue tie' (so was Leo, so it wasn't a big surprise) and a midwife is coming to snip it to help her feed better.  

People have mentioned sharing a photo but I'm a bit nervous about sharing something on my blog as anyone could see it but I have shared a picture this morning on Instagram.  My account there is private but if you would like to see it, send me a friend request and I'll add you to my list.  I'm there with the name debs14 - it'd be nice to be friends with you over there as well as here!


Meanwhile it is now just a month until Christmas and I'm realising that, like Father Christmas, I need to start making lists.  Please tell me that I'm not the only one who hasn't really done much shopping at all yet!  I have one friend who'd bought all her presents by the end of October!  We have a family tradition that we don't put our tree up until the weekend nearest my husband's birthday so I have 2 weeks to start thinking about that - when do you decorate your house?


Ruth said...

I popped over and swooned! She's beautiful!

Patio Postcards said...

I'll try the Insta thing to see gorgeous wee Rosie. I get the not sharing on blogsphere ...

I've only just started with Christmas shopping & yes there's a list, of course there's a list, that's half the fun of any celebration, day, week, event - making lists! The tree can wait, you have Rosie & Leo to enjoy right now :)

Catherine said...

Request sent on Instagram. Well done with all the help with Leo. I know from experience how tiring it can be. We have seven grandchildren from 13 to 2. Sometimes after an overnight visit from themI just want to lie down in a darkened room! Fun while they are here though.

Barbara Eads said...

Congratulations on a new baby in the family! Babies are so much fun---and exhausting for a long time. I always said my idea of a perfect amount of time would be to see the "littles" an hour a day!

Cheri said...

Congrats on Baby Rosie! I'm so behind the times right now, but glad I stopped by to catch up on the good news. Best to Mom and family.